Hubs to 24 port switches. My recommendation is that they should change their switches to the same as recommended for the other locations. If necessary, this location can keep one of the hubs, but I would recommend they change all three for the port switches. They are using CAT 3 cabling which needs to be upgraded to CAT 5 or Cater.. Hangout, China: Currently this location has two EAI 24 port switches (Cisco 5950), one 8 port hub that connects 8 printers, and 3 EAI 24 port hub (Links PEEWEE), 1 gateway/switch that connects the router to the Ethernet.

Recommendations: This location should change the 24 port hubs to three 24 port switches. This location has two 24 port switches, but upgrading the model would benefit Its network overall. My recommendation is they should change their switches to the same as recommended for the other locations. All of these changes within these locations will benefit the company overall. If necessary, they should use twisted-pair cabling to connect all of the switches. Switches offer significant operational advantages over hubs.

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Through he use of switches, it will allow the company?¬was data to travel much faster to get to Its?¬w destination system. Switches decrease the amount of traffic on each network so this will be a bonus for the 4 different locations, especially the location In China that really needs network improvement. By replacing the hubs with switches, this will really get rid of a lot of congestion that goes on over the network. Since switches send data only to the connections that should receive it, there will be no collisions that will occur on each of the locations networks.

For the company that will opt to keep their hubs, they may want to make sure they have a half-duplex. It still would be in the company’s Test Interest to uses saltines Decease saltines Walt saltines data can be sent or received on the network at the same time but not with full-duplex. One good benefit that comes with changing over to switches is switches manage data flow on the connection. There are only two devices located on each segment, one is the system and the other one is the switch, and because the switch is calling the shots, there is no collision.

No collisions means there?¬was no need to detect any collisions, so a collision-detector system is not needed with any of the switches, which in turn saves each location money. What it all comes down to is, hubs are very dumb network devices. They allow all devices that are connected to it to communicate with each other. It makes no decisions about traffic direction and it does not check traffic flow quality or verify packet integrity.

All the data it receives on one port will be immediately transmitted out all the other ports, so each computer must take it?¬was urn before sending data. This is why it would be in the company?¬was best interest to change all of its hubs to switches. The switches will listen to each port at the same time without any interference. A computer plugged directly into the switch will not receive unnecessary traffic and can transmit to the switch whenever it needs to, this leaves all the bandwidth available to each computer on the network.

The suggested switch, the Cisco Catalyst 3560 will provide Total Cost Ownership for the company specially if the company changes it?¬was Poi to Cisco?¬was IP phones, Cisco Ironed wireless Lana (WALL) access points, or any IEEE 802. Oaf-compliant end device. This switch also offers Power over Ethernet. It includes IPPP routing support. This series of switches has 24 port switches and can be upgraded to 48 port switches. This new switch will also include enhanced security by protecting the companies important information, keeping unauthorized people off the network, guard privacy, and maintain uninterrupted operation.