Tabba Heart Institute is one of the smallest clinics specializing in cardiovascular treatment located in the cleanest complexes of Dubai. With a history of a 99. 8% accurate diagnosis and 99. 5% treatment accuracy, it is by far one of the best cardio units in Dubai. The history of Tabba Heart Institute dates back to 2005 when Dr. Raymond Swenson, a famous cardiologist educated in the United Kingdom and Netherlands moved to Dubai General Hospital to train the young cardiologists there and produce a specialized team for Gulf treatments.

After completing his tenure from 2000 to 2004, Dr. Raymond was successful in producing a world class team of 45 doctors who began to get distributed within the Emirates in order to assist the cardiologists lacking the new training. The sixty bed clinic situated in a purpose-built building with state-of-the-art operating procedures, machinery and technology boasts of some of the highest compliances with international medical standards. Regular certifications and audits are part of the operations and Dr.

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Raymond himself invites ISO and local medical standards awarding agencies to inspect the clinics practices and propose suitable recommendations. The doctors have been one of the best lot. The doctors are divided into two teams with three doctors from the batch of six Dubai General Hospitals supervising each of the teams. With an experience of just over 3 years in establishment, it is one of the most famous clinics throughout the Gulf when it comes to cardiovascular treatment. Its doctors have been trained by Dr.

Raymond himself and six of the doctors from Dubai General Hospital’s training team are leading specialists at Tabba. Dr. Raymond is one of the most decent of all souls found in the medical field and takes care of the clinic 24/7. His approach is to pacify the customer when they enter the clinic through the ambience, environment, structure and the name – Tabba is an Arabic word which stands for “health” or “getting health” depending on the context. The medical field is not one where doctors and clinic owners would eye other clinics as competitors and patients as customers.

Tabba’s aim is to treat all patients as economically as possible; Dr. Raymond is a millionaire and earns several hundred thousands of dollars training other doctors in large batches across the globe. His aim is non-commercial and for this purpose he operates a trust that regularly funds cardiovascular research and cardio operations for the needy. Even then, it is necessary for Dr. Raymond to take care of the clinic and maintain a positive profit figure so that he can continue to pay the salaries of his doctors and continue funding the needy.

For this purpose, he estimates that a net 25-30% profit margin is the desirable ratio; which he aims to be earned from rich patients. The poor are not charged and instead funded by the clinic. In such circumstances, maintaining a net 25% profit ratio is a challenging task for which Dr. Raymond has spend considerable efforts. The Team Issue The two teams at Tabba do have any enmity between them of course. They are teams of professional doctors who have the common aim to treat as many patients effectively as possible.

However, it is important to know which team has a higher productivity and is able to operate a higher number of cases on a yearly basis. Dr. Raymond has a very sane human resources policy. His bonuses to doctors (which are paid twice a year) are based on the half-yearly performance of the doctors. Each team is paid an equal bonus because he believes that if a team performs well, each and every member was behind that productivity and thus everyone should be rewarded equally. Productivity for Dr.

Raymond is in terms of accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, however, the clinic has maintained a very clean history during the past 3 years. Thus, the criteria that Dr. Raymond uses to award bonuses are the amount of profit that each team earns for the clinic. Though Dr. Raymond, as has been mentioned earlier, is not a commercial-minded doctor, he believes that a team should be rewarded on the basis of their financial contribution towards the clinic – after all money is needed for all funding. The important question that needs to be evaluated for Dr.

Raymondusing statistical methods is: “Does Team 2 (led by Dr. Fitz Hartson) earn more profits than Team 1 (led by Dr. Donaldson)? ” Naturally Dr. Raymond would like to know which team brings in more profits and whether the difference is statistically significant or not. Research The following datasets have been collected from the Tabba Accounts and Administration department that show the total profit figures the two teams for a period of one year (12 months). The 12 points for each of the teams is as follows: