As passengers, I experience the different situations when stage goes on. In the past times, take a taxi is uncomfortable and even a dangerous thing. On one side, drivers do not wear uniforms and dressed sloppily behind the wheel, this result in a less-than-professional image. On the other side, cars were always dirty and smelt unpleasant. The most important, there were some cases involved drivers committing crimes against passengers.

But now the situation changed a lot. The drivers are people-oriented. You can see drivers wear uniforms which made them be looked very professional. The cars are clean and spacious. The drivers provided personal service such as buying breakfast for clients without charging extra. Moreover, taking taxi become safer than before. If they are ferrying female passengers, they will not depart until their passengers were safely in their homes.

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When Taiwan Taxi extended into telecommunication, as passengers, we can use a mobile phone to book a vehicle, this is much convenient for ours. We can make full use of time to work better, live better. Second, we can choose one day travel through taxi. If you live alone, this is a good idea. In many cases, the fare was embedded in the tour package. Third, we can buy some music CDs, popular books, concert tickets and special promotional items (such as healthy food, USB drives, cosmetics and clothing) from the cab drivers.

Maybe when I am taking a long distant route, I will buy something I just want to buy. Except this, we also buy beverages, food and so on from the taxi driver. Fourth, we can use taxi as express delivery. For example, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and we can call the call center to book a taxi to send flowers to express our sincerely thanks. We can also use LCD screen to search for restaurants, check out the latest news, search for entertainment hot spots or participate in online shopping.

When comes to the route, in the past, to the strange passengers, they don’t know the route so the driver may take a long route to deceive the passengers. But when iCall systems were made to use, the customers can verify the route they were travelling. Service agents play a very important role. We can get timing message when the taxi taking our children was delayed by the heavy traffic. If we have some suggestions or complaints, they can give a quick response. If you are getting a marriage, you can post your wedding photographs on selected taxi.