Single parenthood was not what I envisioned for myself but life has a way of taking us down roads that we may not have expected to travel. I would never give up the opportunity to have had my daughter; she is the most precious gift ever given me. However, raising her on my own has been a challenge to say the least. I was only twenty when I had her and college wasn’t an option; I simply went right to work in order to earn a living to support us.

Now that my daughter is entering junior high school she is more independent and there is a little more time for myself to pursue some of the things that I have wanted– including getting my college degree.

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It’s interesting. Before I had my daughter and had all the intention in the world of heading off to college I was ready to enter a psychology program. Now, as an adult with a different perspective, I was interested in pursuing something entirely different – an IT degree.

While it was a good idea in theory, however, I still had responsibilities and a full schedule to juggle. I was very unclear about how I was going to manage it all – until I found the option of an online IT degree program.

The Internet is a huge part of our lives today (something that was certainly not the case when I was twenty) and in addition to changing the way most of us work it has also given us options in terms of education. I was able to quickly and conveniently seek out an online IT degree program that would fit into my schedule. I was finally on my way to earning my degree – something that I could do for myself and for my daughter.