I am a teacher and as such I am afforded the same vacation time as my students in most cases. Which means that when my kids are off in the summer, so am I; and when they are off for the winter break I am as well. For teachers, this time typically allows them to attend to their own responsibilities in their home. And for many the summer break means another job that they take to make ends meet during this time off from the classroom. For me, my vacations have always been just that – time to take off and enjoy the company of my family and friends. But this winter break I am actually considering doing something a little out of the ordinary; starting my work towards my Masters in Education.

I have to say that I have always wanted to do down this road toward my Masters degree but every time that I got close to making a commitment in years’ past something would always stop me. The schedule was so tight – between my work hours and the hours I would need to commit to driving down to school and spending the time in class (not to mention the hours I would need at home to study and complete my work) that there was not one inch left for error. So while I really did want to get moving towards my Masters in Education, I knew that I would very quickly be derailed.

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This was before I learned about how much online degree programs have grown over the years. What used to be a viable, but not attractive, option has blossomed into a full blown opportunity for students to earn their degrees through highly reputable schools. Everything from an online IT degree to an online MBA can be completed through the Internet and I, for one, am finally taking advantage of this opportunity. I will be starting my online Masters in Education program in just a few short weeks; finally, I’m on my way!