The reader is guided through a person’s relatively depressive thoughts and emotions plus her outlook on life. The narrative technique Is a first-person narrative throughout the story. This text Is presumably about a woman: “With his other hand he gently pulls open my shirt, bends down and takes the very tip of my right nipple between his teeth”. She lives In London East End on an ICE address. Just opposite her flat Is a huge building that looks Like a mock-Egyptian monstrosity. The mall character doesn’t understand why this huge building is placed in this quarter. L often see dirty nappies hurtling past y window and wonder what the office workers make of their being located here. ” This is a good example of the postmodernism style, but not the only one. This text is actually full of postmodernism elements. The main character is fully obsessed by the security guard in the Egyptian looking building. Every night this anonymous guy man walks around in the huge building making sure that everything is okay. And every night the main character stares from her flat at this monstrous building.

She does this so she Is able to get through her lonely days by getting eye contact and caring thoughts of about/from (alt after din kneel) this man. At daytime she Is besides herself unable to make her life function properly “l feel bold gall In the daylight and miss my security guard. He knows I exist, and this makes him a great comfort to me. ” The only reason she makes it throughout the daytime is by knowing that the security guard is aware of her existence. She is pursued by paranoia, which also is also a typical postmodern element.

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She is living under the assumption that the modern technological society cannot be explained. She is somehow attracted to these computers and monitors, and in her thoughts she gives them human characteristics. Sometimes, when the wind buffets the windows, I can see the monitors breathing gently in their sleep, short circuiting in wet dreams of exotic fish. Please touch the screen” She is afraid of the materialistic invasion of our society “The Invasion of technology feels personal. Intrusive Like a mother, Invasive like an assault”.

The author uses the postmodern techniques called “technocrat” and “hyperthermia’. Our mall character Is stuck In a situation In which she cannot escape technology. Another point In this text where these techniques also are used is where the main character imagines that she is walleye Dye an enormous crane across ten street to PICK near up. I en crane Orleans her to the security guard and they have a sexual experience. After this incident the story turns into “magic realism” which many postmodern authors mean is the most important postmodern technique. As I focus absentmindedly on my own window again, two palm prints outlined in a trace of sweat begin to fade from the glass. I run my finger along the shapes, but the moisture is on the outside. ” It’s the introduction of fantastic or impossible elements into a narrative that is otherwise normal. This text also has an extremely complicated plot, which also is also a keyword in “magic realism”. Another postmodern element is “pastiche” where the author mixes up several of genres e. G. Horror, historical fiction and surrealism.

And she also uses intellectuality when she talks about another text “Like a Spare David Frederica painting… ” At some point in the story she gets some post mail. She thinks it’s a way for the security guard to communicate with her. It’s filled with different kinds of drawings and pictures of several things. This could easily be commercials, advertisements, fliers or brochures. This woman makes her own reality of everything so it’s hard to know what is actually real and what is fictitious.

Looking at one of the photos she explains what she’s really afraid of “The horror of the space is not about death; for some reason it feels to be more about waiting, imprisonment, fading away into weakness”. This woman is not afraid of dying but living a life of loneliness and imprisonment and not being committed to anyone but herself. Her life seems to be about waiting for the night to come so she can meet her watcher. In the last post – leaflets about Capitalism and Jewish mysticism – she finds the old concept of a watcher.

The Watcher was the person appointed to take care of the soul of the deceased, until the Caddish could be spoken and the soul allowed to find its final resting place”. The Caddish is a prayer found in Judaism and it’s very often used at funerals. She imagines the security guard as this watcher who has been taking care of her for such a long time. And she knows if she runs as fast as possible over to him, he won’t be there because the Caddish is about to be said. And she is on her way to be released into nothingness. The main themes of the story are paranoia and delusions.

The main character is urged by paranoia throughout the entire story, both at daytime and at night. She has so many delusions of everything, and she makes her own reality. This postmodern short story can be interpreted in many different ways, especially because the plot is so extremely complicated. Also it is rather confusing that you do not know anything about the time span of the story. And you do not get much information about the main character which makes the story a bit superficial. In spite of the confusing and ambiguous elements the short story makes a strong impression. It doesn’t leave the reader unaffected.