To most people in society today, getting tattoos and piercing is Just another way to express them-selves. However, tattoos and piercing can have both positive and negative outcomes. What most people don’t know is the history of tattoos and piercing. I think it would be wise dodo a little research about the health issues that comes with tattoos and piercing and also how It has affected people’s lives. Tattoos have been dated back to thousands of years ago, While no one knows where tattoos originated, it has become one of the most popular and well -known trends today.

The rod tattoo has originated from the word auto and in Titian it literally means to mark something Coy, 2009). Scientist believes that the oldest tattoo to be found was on the body of a man named Tots. The body of Oat was believed to be dated back to the fourth or fifth millennium BCC (Joy, 2009). Scientist also believed that Tots had at least fifty-seven tattoos. However it has often been debated that these were not tattoos but acupuncture wounds because they were simply dots and lines Coy, 2009). Tattoos were found on mummies from Egypt also.

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These tattoos displayed abstract signs and geometric patterns. Tattoos had various different reasons depending on the belief of the person. Polynesians used tattoos as a way of ranking or identifying someone’s role or position they held in the tribe. In Hawaii, many people believed that if they had tattoos, they would be protected In the next world and It protects their bodies In this world (Joy, 2009). Sometimes getting tattoos were not by choice but was a forced action. The Germans used tattoos as a way of identifying Jewish people at concentration camps and to identify those who have escaped from the amps.

There are many different purposes for tattoos. In the past, tattoos were generally used as rituals and ways of Identifying someone rank or religious beliefs (Joy, 2009). Today, tattoos are used to show our self expression or we use them as memorials for those of us who has lost someone that was special to us. Tattoos are one of the most popular trending things today and will continue to be In the future. No one really knows where piercing originated but they have been found on mummy remains that are believed to be over five-thousand years old (Marital, 2008).

The male had his ears pierced with large gauge plugs which may be the oldest form of body piercing there is (Marital, 2008). Piercing can have many different meanings. In biblical times, piercing was a sign of attractiveness and wealth. Egyptians wore earrings to show a sign of wealth and beauty (Marital, 2008). However, Egyptians were restricted and forbidden to wear certain types of body piercing. In these times, Pharaoh was the only one who could wear a belly button piercing and anyone else who had this piercing or even tried to get a belly button piercing would be executed Marital, 2008).

Even the Romans centurions had piercing. It was their way of signifying strength, power, and vigor. The Romans enjoyed getting piercing although this was not always the case. Sometimes, Roman gladiators were forced into getting genital piercing (Marital, 2008). For one reason, it helped prevent serious injuries while fighting In combat. Another reason for doing this was to prevent gladiators from engaging in sexual activities without consent of the owner (Marital, 2008). Indian tribes were also known for their body piercing but mainly tongue piercing. They I OFF

Dealer It would rolling teem closer to tenet gas Ana to teem It was a type AT I ritual (Marital, 2008). This was a part of their religious rituals. As the Mama’s, Aztec, as well as many other tribes wore bones or tusk through their noses to appear more frightening to the enemies (Marital, 2008). While this is very rare today, piercing is becoming increasingly popular and well-known throughout the public. The Most popular types of piercing are piercing of the tongue, ears, nose and belly button. As we all know, we can benefit from getting tattoos and can also suffer from them.

There are not only physical ways tattoos can affect us but also mentally and emotionally. It was once said that the chemicals used for coloring in tattoos were also used for other things such as automobile paint and writing ink (Medication International Ltd, 2003). Even though the law requires tattoo artist to use gloves and sterile needles, it does not lower the risk of getting an infectious disease. There is a high risk of catching HIVE, hepatitis and many other types of infections because of a dirty needle. A person with tattoos increases their chances of getting hepatitis c by 9 recent (Medication International Ltd, 2003).

Even if you have the right quality of pigments or coloring you can still put yourself at risk for infectious diseases because alcohol makes the skin more permeable which means when alcohol is used to disinfect the skin it allows chemicals to enter the blood stream faster than they originally would (Medication International Ltd, 2003). Piercing can have the same risk and affects as tattoos. You can also have allergic reactions, damage nerves, and excessive bleeding. It is important to take certain precautions before getting tattoos ND/or piercing.

Physical effects are not the only harmful results of tattoos and piercing, but someone can also suffer emotionally or social wise. If a person has a large amount of visible tattoos or piercing, it can be somewhat difficult to obtain a job depending on the profession. Anyone could experience a great deal of stereotyping. For example, if I have a large number of tattoos or piercing and I went to apply for a Job in which I will specialize in assisting customers and another person applies for the same Job but doesn’t have any tattoos and piercing or experience tit working with customers.

The employer may hire the person without the work experience because he/she has a pure and neat appearance, and since I would be working with customers, they may be intimidated of me because I am someone who has tattoos and piercing that are visible in odd places. Tattoos and piercing do have a positive side to them. They give everyone the opportunity to stand out and be different. A lot of people enjoy getting their tattoos while they were young but as they got older, they started to regret getting them.

One person stated (Watkins, 2001) Being a few years older now (29 and married) there is not a day that goes by that I don’t regret getting these tattoos. When I dress, I’m forced to see them in the mirror. When I shower I’m forced to see them. ” These feelings can cause depression and mental damage to someone’s mental state of mind. Below is another story in which one man describes how he now regrets getting his tattoo: The woman doing my first tattoo (the tribal band) had to stop several times for mysterious reasons. She was visibly shaken and could not concentrate.

She kept saying, “Man, I need a break. ” Though it wasn’t for my sake, I hid the pain very well and tuned it out for the most part–but this woman could not wait to get me out of that chair. She claimed that she drank quite a bit the night before (l was getting the tattoo on a Saturday afternoon), Ana tens seemed to De ten most logical reason Tanat seen was naval sun a tough time. I can’t help but wonder, however, if there was more to it. Even then my diminished discernment was working, and I sensed a spiritual conflict taking place.

When the woman had finished, she made a disturbing remark that will forever echo n mind, “There way [sic] go, you’re no longer a virgin. ” Of course, she spoke not of physical sexuality, but of spiritual defilement against God in the form of marking my flesh. Now I was “one of the gang”, one of the “cool people”, and one of the rebels who shakes their fist at the law of God (Watkins 2001). Since Many people regret ever getting their tattoos, most people consider the tattoo removal procedure.. What most people are unaware of is how expensive and painful a tattoo removal procedure can be.