Lincoln Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Friday night, Cot 3, at Lied Center, a fantastic concert featured by Lincoln Symphony Orchestra performed here. It was the best concert I have ever listened to before because of its special performing style. I discovered that performers who played the strings, adjusted the tones of their Instruments carefully before the concert began. After short opening words by the host, two speakers, and the conductor followed by he first violinist went on stage with a warm applause from the audiences.

I was a little confused about the purpose of the two speakers at first, but as the concert went on, I gradually realized they explained how Tchaikovsky created his Symphony No. 4. In order to correspond with the Interesting speech, the orchestra cut the whole piece of music into many small units. Each time when the speakers talked about a specific period of time Tchaikovsky had experienced, the Orchestra were playing some units that correspond to their speech. Tchaikovsky worked on his Fourth Symphony when he received a love letter from one of his former students called Antonio Malicious.

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The beginning of the Symphony was similar to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony called Fate, but Tchaikovsky expression was not as intense as Beethoven’s, but had more sense of Romance. After a brief intermission, a complete Symphony No. 5 was going to show. The composition opened with a loud sound of bass. After the declining of the bass, the trumpets and clarinets Joined in. The first movement repeated the hem a few times continuing to reinforce the motif of fate. Different instruments in different pitches repeated some sequences.

The intense melody represents the composers depressed mood and fleeting happiness dream after three months of marriage, revealing a conflict between individual longing for happiness and the fate of severe reality. The second movement started with a slow melancholy melody by oboes. With the oboe solo, Tchaikovsky used his music as catharsis for agony of repressed homosexuality, and a catastrophic marriage. Choosing to forget pain from he cruel world temporally, he immersed himself in memories from the past.

Strings were plucked throughout the whole movement with a fast beat. The music sounds light and pleasant, because with a patroness helping, Maddened von Meek, Tchaikovsky was able to devote himself to composition. At the same time, Symphony No. 5 was a dedication to Maddened von Meek, showing appreciation to her, the one who played an important role during the second half of Tchaikovsky life. The last movement had an echo with first movement bringing back the motif of fate with the addition of cymbals, triangle and drum.

Strings were pulled continuously as a fast basic beat. The percussion had a large use of crescendo and tension, leading the music to a climax under a festive atmosphere. The concert ended with a long standing ovation. Strings, adjusted the tones of their instruments carefully before the concert began. In order to correspond with the interesting speech, the Orchestra cut the whole piece composer’s depressed mood and fleeting happiness dream after three months of