Participant observation is a research method in which investigators systematically observe people while joining them in their routine activities. This method lets researchers study everyday social life in any natural setting, from a nightclub to a religious seminary. Cultural anthropologists use participant observation to study other societies, calling this method fieldwork. Below you will find a step-by-step guide for completing this paper: 1.

Begin this assignment by reviewing “In the Field: Participant Observation” in chapter one as well as “Using Available Data: Existing Sources,” also located in chapter one. This will give you a firm grasp on how to conduct the research necessary for this application project. 2. Using participant observation, choose two specific learning situations that can be observed during your daily activities.

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Some examples include: parent teaching child; child teaching parent; on-the-job training; a person watching television; observing interactions in a store or a restaurant; and teachers and children in a daycare center. 3. Identify the components of culture being taught/learned, along with the agent(s), and stage(s) of socialization. You will use chapter three in order to find research which explains and analyzes the interactions you observed using one or more theories of socialization.

Researchers who have contributed to our understanding of socialization including Jean Piaget, Carol Gilligan, George Herbert Mead, Lawrence Kohlberg, and Erik H. Erikson. Your paper should include detailed information on the theories of at least one of these analysts. 4. Be sure to include an introduction with a thesis, conclusion that reviews all main points you present, and integration of your personal views on the topic. Remember to use APA format for the essay style as well as in-text citations and when listing the references.

Submit your 2–5 page essay (maximum 12 pt. font) describing your application project and your findings by Friday, December 16, 2011 to this Discussion Area. Grading Criteria | Maximum Points| Introduction and a conclusion that reviews all main points you present. | 4| Arguments answering main assignment questions. | 4| Integrated personal views on the main issue. | 4| Related learning situations to the concepts and theories discussed in the textbook and/or outside resources. | 4| Used correct grammar, spelling, and APA format throughout assignment. | 4| Total:| 20|