Namespace, blobs, and many other social media sites that we use every day have become a significantly big part of our everyday lives. And they have made lots of things, such as keeping in touch with long distant friends and relatives that much easier. In one sense, the planet has never been more interconnected. And yet, this interconnectedness, while wonderful, hasn’t come without cost. The relationships that people have with the virtual world today Is starting to get out of hand.

At any given time you can look around and every one that you see Is on their phones, tablets or computers. Technology is ruining actual physical interaction with other people. Take cyber bulling for instance, it is more prevalent these days than walking down the hallway and getting shoved into a locker. I have observed people using electronic media to make confrontation easier. People are often uncomfortable with face-etc;-face confrontation, so It is easy to understand why they’d choose to use the Internet.

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Anyone can be a bully when Its online or through a text usage because you are able to say hurtful things to other people and not have to see their reactions. It is even more traumatizing when you are cyber bullied because once something is on the internet, it is there forever. In all honesty I would much rather hear or see someone being bullied in halls of school because they actually have a chance to get back up and stand up for themselves. Just a few keystrokes and you look Just as bad as the bully, you are letting the Internet protect you, but It usually ends up working against you.

Another negative side effect of internet addiction is isolation. Everything from pornography to something as innocent as surfing the web, the Internet is the television of the 21 SST century. It acts as an electronic “drug’ that pulls us away from the real world. Like most addictions, the real cost is the number and quality of our relationships with other people. We may enjoy having online relationships using social media sites like Twitter and Faceable, but the difference between Internet interactions and interactions with real people In the physical world Is vast.

As long as we don’t expect more from these online relationships than what they can give, there s not a good reason as to why we can’t enjoy the social media sites that connect us efficiently to people we would not touch otherwise. Another “danger” of being addicted to or overusing the internet is trying to make our meaning clear electronically, Introduces extra challenges. For Instance, to describe our laughter we tend to use acronyms such as “Lol” (laugh out loud), but they are not a real substitute for physically hearing people laugh.

And actually hearing and seeing someone laugh has the power to lift our spirits when we’re ailing low, you can not do that through a text message or email. Personally, I have made it a rule of thumb to limit my email communications as much as possible to factual Information only. If I need to work something out with someone that feels difficult, I make sure that we communicate In person. “In person” Interactions, tong a lot more Doolittle, are more likely to result In positive outcomes and opportunities for personal growth.

Whenever I hear stories of romantic break- ups, firings, or even arguments going on electronically, I wonder about the integrity of he person who initiated it in the first place. We find ourselves tempted to communicate that way because it feels easier, but the outcome is often far more worse than it would have been if you were to handle it face to face. I personally believe that we as a whole, need to try to regulate our internet use better. Yes, the internet is a very powerful and highly useful tool (or weapon, in some cases).

However, it still needs to be regulated to a pretty high extent if we want to be able to have normal relationships and interactions with other people in the world. Yes, we need technology to medical purposes and living purposes but being addicted to social media sites, is not an actual need, it is a luxury that so many people take for granted every single day. We live in a world in which more people are connected than ever before. Therefore the internet is a very vital resource, however not in the way most humans use it on a day-to-day basis.

And within the next six years, we are very likely to see most of humanity connected to one another in some form of a mobile device. However, as connected as we are now, there is still a fundamental disconnect teens people and the companies that try to reach them through the different technologies. One day, we might reach a point where true conversations can happen between man and machine, but for now it is still up to the people to drive this human connection.

In conclusion, the Internet is an amazing tool. But even as it has shrunk the world and brought us closer together, it has also threatened to push us further apart. Like any useful tool, to make technology serve us well requires the exercise of good judgment. For whatever reason, the mental restraints that we have to stop most of us room blurting out things in public we know we should not say, seem far more weaker when our method of communication is typing.

Unfortunately, typed messages often wound even more gravely, while electronic messages of remorse have little power to heal. Perhaps we Just do not think that these messages have the same power to harm as they do when we say them in person. Or maybe, in the heat of the moment without another’s physical presence to hold us back, we Just don’t care. Whatever the reason, it’s clearly far more easier for us to be meaner to one another online.