Manage brain is really hard to understand, because it has not been developed to its extent. In this article the writer is absolutely correct about human brain and especially teenage brain. At their adolescent time deferent hormones get released at the same time and It Is hard for the body and brain to work normally under that much pressure. Now days teenagers does not think about the circumstance of their actions. The teenage brain article focused on the biological changes a young teenager goes through. As we read in this article that; how a teenager was speeding and cop rested him for speeding.

Speeding which almost everyone does on the highways, roads, and streets. Before we start speeding we have to think for a minute what if we hit something and get hurt? Or what if we hit someone and hurt them for rest of their life?. These questions as a teenagers does not come up in our mind, because teenager mind is more complicated then a normal adult mind. As an adult the choices that we make we think about It. But as an teenagers the choices are instant made. The brain does not want to think about it for a minute and the body Is to hyper from the remorse so they end up making choices that later they will regret It.

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Teenagers must act on an endless parade of choices. Some choices, Including smoking, come with serious consequences. As a result, adolescents often find themselves trapped between their impulsive tendencies and their newfound ability to make well- informed and logical choices . Teenagers are willing to take certain risks, and they gain satisfaction from accomplishing risky actions, but there is also a limit to how risky things should get. I myself sometimes take a risky approach to certain tuitions, but I try to restrain myself from going too far.

There is a difference between being risky and being ignorant. Have we ever thought that the choices teenagers make are all about exploring and pushing Limits. Experts believe that this tendency marks a necessary phase In teen development. The process helps prepare teenagers to confront the world on their own. It Is something all humans have evolved to experience. Everywhere teenagers go through this exploratory period. During this period they can either ruin their life or make their life. Some times adolescence period is the most thoughts time for parents and for the teenagers.

I think teen brains are different from adult brains,is because of the growth occurring in the brain. Just before puberty, there is a growth spurt in the frontal cortex. There are two waves of this growth spurt. Other things that grow, is the grey matter that surrounds the brain; it thickens. Coupled with the growing is also losing. The teen brain grows connections, and also loses the ones that are not used. All this mentioned above causes a great imbalance In the brain, making it very unstable unlike the adult brain. Teenage brain uses different parts of the brain to characterize things than do adult brains.

In the article, the Teenage Brain, there was a study that made children and adults Identify what moods were represented In during the experiment. During that experiment an MR. was scanning the brain, to tell wince part AT ten Drain was Dealing used. Surprisingly, ten teen Drain uses Deterrent parts of the brain than the adults do. The teens also identified different emotions, which were described by adults. A study was taken on how people between the ages of 10 and twenty-something exact to the test of not looking towards the light on a screen and to look the other way.

The teenagers, astonishingly turned out to do almost as well as the adults did! After a while though, they gave into the urge to look towards the light out of curiosity and carelessness; the same action that goes on in the brain that would cause a teenager to check a text message while driving. This is something that wasn’t shown by the adults, which is a big reason why adults don’t understand why teens would stop looking at the road to read and reply to a text message that can easily wait until hey are done driving.

It’s not like there is a reason why or why not teens check texts while driving, but it’s the lack of that curiosity and carelessness that adults that don’t drive them to check that text message and understand that they are focused on doing something and they aren’t going to be that easily distracted for something that is so minuscule and something can wait the extra ten minutes. Conclusion is that human brain which works differently at different age. Teenage is the age where teenagers have to be rely carefully of the decisions that they make and the actions that they take.