Tejal Vekaria  NUFD 580 Final Grant Reflection and Self-Evaluation    Writing a first grant proposal can be challenging and critical process. I feel that writing a grant is like a puzzle, we need to find all pieces and put it all together to solve the puzzle. Related to that, I learned optimal procedure through the grant writing assignment as an individual part like needs, budget and budget narrative, proposed project, objective and timeline, evaluation, etc. In the puzzle, if we found main center piece than it become easy to solve that; similar to that, individual small parts help me to build a final full grant project. The purpose of this assignment was to learn cohort grant writing process. Therefore, through the group works, I gain experience and knowledge about how to work as a unique group with all different people and ideas. When we write something big, it actually important to collect maximum information to give strong base. When I was filling the information on cover sheet, I had a question that where I can find information about school, i.e. how many total school enrollment at these schools? I looked online, but I couldn’t find accurate data. Anyway, some information about budget also raise the question, however I successfully found that data online. After all this long process, I am thinking about if we submit our grant to funders, and if they reject our grant than is there any way that we can find out the resign for rejection? Moreover, when I was doing my budgeting, it was difficult to understand where to begin with. Finally, I come out with an outline, i.e. how much money I am asking for, where I will spend all those money, and how much money comes from non-federal grant, etc. This draft actually help me to write final budget; however, sharia found difficulty to explain as budget narrative. In short, we called each other many times and then she did narrative. To be honest, we all work as a one unit; therefore Mariam and Sharia met exceeded expectation to me, but nada didn’t meet expectation. We create a google doc where everyone write their individual parts, and then others do proof-reading and editing. I really like the class setting which we all discuss same topic and make an outline on class, so we all share our knowledge to others and come out with solid idea. Nada was busy due to her other class assignments and exam, so she did her parts but didn’t response anything for final grant writing. Even though, on last day Sharia and Mariam fixed her objectives and activities; meanwhile, I worked on cover sheet. Also, as a group we found the difficulty on cover sheet since we all have Mac, we couldn’t able to download the cover sheet. So I went to the library, and complete the cover sheet. We runout of the time; consequently, I learned from that don’t wait until last minute. We had all pieces of individual parts, but put all those as one final flow took us almost 6 to 7 hours to finish it. Any way we did it, and I am so relive after that. Working in a group is always fun and interesting because we can share our thoughts with others and got feedback on that. I will definitely memorize that do outline of each individual part before starting any difficult project. Don’t wait until last moment, and asked other opinion before final submission. We deserve 100% because we did hard work for our final grant. We followed RFA in each step, and we read at least two times before the submission to make sure everything flows together. However, we tried to provide as much as information to give brief and coherent idea to the reader. At the end of final grant, I felt that there is a solid foundation in our grant application. As a conclusion, grant is a feasible source of funding; nevertheless, it can be complicated to grasp and to write in a term that we actually obtain the money from the funders. At this time, I know the appropriate procedure for effective grant writing process to increase chances of selection of our grant for funds.