Terrorism is one of the most harmful issues that countries are suffering from. The first step to solve this problem is preventing terrorists from travelling through international borders. As a country which has an important location for terrorist and their logistic transportation, Turkey has been fighting with this issue for over forty years.

Turkey’s highest populated centers, ?stanbul and Ankara have endured  a wave of deadly bomb, gun and suicide attacks, as well as a failed coup which used the tanks and the power of the army against civils. At the same time, the east part of Turkey has terrorist sancutaries, which the government is fighting strongly.

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Terrorist are being picked from the less-adventaged parts of the society and being brain-washed. Terrorist groups are usually motivated from their ethnicity or religion. The Turkish government recently built a barrage to keep the terrorists away and block their caves and leave their logistics useless. These ethnic terrorists’ purpose is to found their own government in another country’s land. The religious groups, such as DEAS, El-Kaide, aim to punish the people who does not have the same beliefs as them. These terrorist groups are using Turkey for transportation to Europe, to get logistic support, for accomodation or, to create themselves a new country in Turkey’s lands. Religious or ethnic terrorist groups are being transferred from North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Middle East Asia to Europe, usually from the  southeast border of Turkey. The government has found a lot of successful solutions on this issue with UN and NATO and will keep finding.

Turkey has many soldiers and policemen to prevent the terrorists passing the borders in the southeastern part. Recently, the government has built a wall to the Syria border to keep away the terrorists. The night vision systems are more common now at the borders, also the unmanned air vehicles are in charge for the ground security. For the sea security, the coast guards and navy are in charge for potential terrorist and logistic transportation. NATO, UN and Turkey are also cooperating for the sea security.

Turkey’s main aim is to stop being a transportation or target country for terrorists and also detain them from their logistic needs from both see and the ground. Turkey calls for all members of this committee to cooperate in the creation of a productive resolution that resolves the issues outlined.