The magic of committing to a specific goal we set goals and make plans but it does not work out. What is the reason behind that maybe we have so many goals to achieve in a small period of time. It is always better to set one specific goal and do give 100% for it. Set a specific one goal decide time duration for it it should be attainable and it should be relevant. You must be having so many things to complete and to achieve but doing 1 big thing at a time gives you success. Be clear and confident about your goal. How committing to specific goal help you to achieve it here are the reasons- 1- you feel motivated studies have shown that setting specific goal makes you feel motivated. You know that you have been committed to this particular work for long and you have devoted your hard work. You already know the result so feel so joyful and motivated. 2- you learn to prioritize it is difficult to select one most important thing from lots of other important things. If you practice for a long time then it helps you to learn the method to arrange work according to your priorities. Start with weekly priorities and then long term. 3- self-confidence on the way to achieve a goal you get small victories which grow your self-confidence. As you see progress you think that you can definitely do this you feel good about yourself. Even if you did not complete your goal but the confidence you develop is unbeatable. 4- improvement in focusing selecting specific goal doesnt allow you to divert yourself to other tasks because you have prioritized it it is the most important of all and you have to achieve it. You start to focus on that single goal and you try to achieve success. 5- you get result sooner as you have worked wholeheartedly to achieve the goals the results will also be sooner. You got only 1 task at a time and you did it with full focus and concentration and took measured steps you will get your results in sooner than you have expected. Commitment is the most important factor in your journey to achieve your goal. Always remember that how important it is for you to complete this. Dont distract yourself from your goal until and unless it is very urgent because it leads to time waste and your success is delayed. In greed of achieving your goal fast and early dont overdo anything you will become stressed and frustrated. Dont afraid to fail if you wont fail how you will learn to succeed next time. Failure is a lesson for your future steps. Dont procrastinate it holds your success.