authors of the article examine many different aspects of integrating technology
into the classroom. The authors examine the obstacles teachers face when using
education technology, benefits of using education technology, and how teachers
can effectively implement technology into the classroom. Incorporating
technology into the classroom can support student achievement by engaging and motivating students.

Technology can also help teachers differentiate instruction. Teachers can use
technology to differentiate instruction by increasing the intensity or using
the technology an intervention.

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The authors conducted their
research at an elementary school that just purchased tablets for all the students.

The teachers and administrator were thrilled about the new purchased but faced
some difficulties when incorporating the new technology. The authors observed
and interview teachers and through their observations and research, they
determined that teachers did not access all the potential benefits of the technology
unless they were fully informed about the technology products they are incorporating.

When the teachers were informed of the technology, they effectively implement technology
to support students.