It was not until one day, we find that Todd discovers a nasty secret about his neighbor. We are first introduced to Kurt Dissuader under a different name, Mr.. Arthur Denser. Mr.. Denser would not admit at first that his real name was Kurt Dissuader and this showed then he told Todd, “l will tell you this once, boy. And once only. My name Is Arthur Denser. It has never been anything else” Finally, he fesses up to being the real Kurt Dissuader. Kurt

Dissuader was a Nazi during the war, who was a major part of the deaths of Jews. It was from this point on that Todd would begin to get himself in more trouble than he imagined and it started with his grades. Todd had always been an excellent student in school. In fact, Todd had “Straight As and Bi’s all the way up the line. If he’d been any better, -straight As for example- his friends might have begun to think he was weird. ” Todd even spent countless hours making a scrapbook about the infamous Kurt Dissuader. The reader easily sees the amount of Interest that Todd has In Dissuader, but he slow began to Ignore is academics.

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As his performance slowly declined In school, Todd was finally hit with reality when he received his quarterly progress report. “The boy had passed only English and American History. Every other grade was an F. ” Decanter’s curiosity and ignorance of the situation brought more anger out of Todd. Mr.. Edward French, the guidance counselor even wrote a letter to the parents of Todd to notify them of his poor academic performance. Todd feared the day his parents would find out about his grades, and he did everything in his power to see to it that they did not.

After Toddy’s violent expression of his anger, Dissuader made it clear to Todd that their were mixed up in each other and they “Must live in the present, boy, not in the past of Call should-have never,ј. ‘” Todd and Dissuader had to quickly figure out what to do and they came to the decision that Dissuader would fix the report to allow Todd to show It to his parents. Lying was not something Todd Bowdon was accustomed to. As stated earlier, the reader knew that Todd was excellent In school, and that if his grades did slip, it would be minor and his parents would accept that, knowing that their son would improve.

Dissuader and at the same time would store some of the things Dissuader did in his head. He learned to “professionally” lie as Dissuader did, and eventually adopted the cold-hearted nature that Dissuader had. Todd was up to his neck in trouble and essentially had no way out. What started as complete curiosity and interest, turned into complete disaster. Todd was an apt pupil. His innocence made him vulnerable and in the end he would lose complete sight of innocence. Todd thought by eliminating Mr.. French, his troubles would be over, and they would be. Todd would be taken down and would never have to worry about any problems ever again.