The person can get set free on bail. They are expected to return to their court date though. If a person gets let go on ball, this means that they are guaranteeing that they will be back for their trial. The person has to still respect all the laws and be “good”. The amount of bond that the person has to pay is depending on a few factors. What the person did, where they live, and past offences.

This Is where the Manhattan Ball Project comes Into play. This project tested the proposition that If the defendant has strong community ties were just as likely to come back to court If release on their own recognizable as they would If released on bail. The person can pay the inure bond or come up with some sort of collateral. The types of bonds are a cash bond which all the money Is paid up front. A property bond where the property Is equal to the bond.

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The other type of bond Is a surety bond which a bondsman who posts bond for a defendant In exchange for a non-refundable premium. The only real negative aspect of the bail system is that the person out on bond can flee. This then holds up the trial and then ends up costing the people. It helps save he tax payers money which is a plus. It also lets maybe innocent people out. So they don’t have to sit in jail when they end up being proven innocent.

The bail system beneficiaries are the people being bailed out of Jail and the bondsman. I think that the bail system does work well. I am not really sure what recommendations I could come up with that would better the bail system. Like I said above the only real negative aspect is that the people can flee on bail. I think they need to keep a closer on certain people with a higher risk of fleeing. They need to set something up where they can do this.