The Green Teams main focus is to help maintain the environment by using eco-friendly products and utilizing special procedures this can be considered to be their CSR. As part of being asked to critique the program I will analyze their strength and weaknesses. Businesses that have similar CSR’s can acquire subsidies from the government along with many other perks for complying with such procedures. Yourway Sub’s should apply these CSR’s to their policies. I believe that the Green team should create an account that is especially for environmental projects.

People gravitate toward companies that are taking the initiative to be socially responsible if the Green team can come up with a logo that showcases what it is they are doing in order to help the environment, or even offer a percentage of their earnings this could bring in a higher amount of customers. The ideas that the green team has are great because by baking bread on site you can ensure that there wont be stockouts as they are constantly making them. They can significantly reduce costs in deliveries or any source of transportation they may be using. And increase the efficiency in each location.

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However some of the weaknesses to this plan is that due to baking the bread at the locations they will require more labor time to make sure they have enough breads baked and ready for orders as they are a quick service restaurant. Since they would be making major changes in the way they run their business on daily basis they would need to create a new set of rules or details on how to execute daily tasks in order to abide by the new procedures. They would then need to send these lists of new requirements to every establishment and it would take some time to adjust to the changes. They would possible need to spend on new equipment, which can be costly and may be limited to vendors as they intend on purchasing their goods locally.