Book Report : The Cay 2006 The Cay is a breathtaking novel of Theodore Taylor . Though the book was written more than 30 years ago , it still remains very popular and became a classic piece of American literature . It was a landmark work for its author , because it won 11 literary awards , including the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award . The genre of the book is action , adventure and young adult fiction .

The main characters of the book are Philip Enright Junior , who is also the narrator of the story , 11-year-old boy , living with his parents on Curazao Island , and an old black sailor Timothy : ugly , uneducated man ,speaking with tough West Indian accent . The other characters are Grace and Philip Enright , the parents of Phillip Jr , and Henrik van Boven ,Philip ‘s friend from Denmark . The story takes place in 1942 during the World War II in the southern Caribbean .

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The freighter with Philip and his mom , who are escaping from the attacks of German army , receives a torpedo hit and starts sinking . Philip falls overboard and receives a hard injury to the head . Timothy ,who was also on that freighter , saves the boy and takes him onto the wooden raft . While being on the raft in search for lands , Philip ‘s injury makes him blind , so he must hard for the boy , because he was trained by his mother to neglect black people .

They find a lonely island , The Cay , where they are forced to stay waiting for help . Two people try to get along with each other and break down their differences . The old sailor becomes a guide for Phillip in their daily life . When a tropic hurricane rages over the island ,exhausted with sickness Timothy saves Phillip ‘s life for the exchange of his own . The boy suffers emotional distress and fights for the survival . Soon he is rescued and taken away from the island .

After some operations he regains his vision back and starts a new life . Feeling deep appreciation and gratitude to his gone friend for his care and friendship , Phillip dreams to be back to the island once again . I enjoyed reading this book a lot : the story is moving , and the writing style is very exciting and tense . The author is very successful in portrayal of the scenes from the war , courage , struggle for life and personal transformations of the characters , their friendship and mutual trust , and the fall of racial prejudice