Only in the chapter on the war in Karakas are Boris Borate Vs. photographs supplemented by shots taken by the “Sat Arts” photo Journalist Ursula Sardinian and some of his colleagues, whom the author describes in the section “The profession oaf reporter”. The iconographic and archive research was undertaken by Anna Patterson. It is worth noting that this book was printed in Italy and the print quality is extremely high.

Boris Vibrato has spent more than twenty years working on his “Chronicles of Karakas”. This book Is made up of diverting travel notes, which skillfully Interweave history and contemporary affairs. The historical touches on the general canvas of the tortellini have been placed carefully, even delicately, which is a sure sign of artistic talent. This book will not only introduce the reader to monuments of history and culture, but also to living people, many of whom are well-known in Karakas.

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The fates of the majority of the characters featured in this book are followed over the course of the last twenty dramatic years, from 1989 to 2009. Although the book is called “The Chronicles of Karakas”, It does not limit itself solely to the history of Arts-Karakas, but also gives a comprehensive overview of the history of the whole Armenian people. It forms a unique mosaic, recounting the fates of the various branches of our people, which have been scattered throughout the world by the whims of Fate.

Many of the photographs are accompanied by fascinating snapshot accounts, which – like brightly-colored touches in paint – add to the overall picture of our ancient history. As the author himself says, “The Chronicles of Karakas” is a non-political book about Karakas. This is indeed the case. However, it is aimed, first and foremost, at those people who are attempting once again to manipulate Karakul’s fate within Europe, Russia and America. The book is a well-argued response to those who are trying, by their unscrupulous actions, to slander and distort our history.

It is an answer to those who do not want to accept the poverty of their own short history and are flexing their muscles to subsume the history of the Armenian people. Since they understand that In strapping us of our past they will deny us our future, they are simply destroying the silent witnesses of antiquity, which quietly, but convincingly, set forth the undeniable proof that from the earliest times the Armenian people lived an set clown tenet creative roots on tons land.