Creativity is broken into two components evolve and appropriateness. Comparing new ideas against existing ideas is an example of novelty/creative solutions. A new idea or solution is not related to a pre existing idea with similar purposes. The appropriateness of the solution has to do with the relevance of the idea for such purposes. An idea can be created by any such individual without creativity being present. But the relevance and novelty of the idea is what is being deliberated by the beneficiary. A product is always being judged by its society and receivers.

The appropriateness of an idea is Just as important as its novelty. I think the ability to obtain creativity is a characteristic we would all want to have. Creativity is related to aspects of the person and personality (Robinson-Rigger, 2008, p. 476). Our text states that “creative persons are thought to exhibit a number of personality characteristics, including broad interests, appreciation of complexity, tolerance of ambiguity, self-confidence, independence, and sensible risk taking”(Barron & Harrington, 1981; Feisty, 1999).

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Creative individuals have complex characteristics along as with environmental changes. Environment was thought to be an interesting reason as to creativity in my opinion. Relocating and experiencing new environments with diverse populations Is a good way of learning new traits and characteristics of the population and region. This would be enhancing our knowledge while enhancing our creativity. Experiencing several life events good or bad and challenges along the way are relevant to diverse environmental changes In our lives.

A creative individual undergoing such changes In life and environment must be “flexible and react effectively to changes In technology, circumstances, and opportunities” (Robinson-Realer, 2008, p. 476). Applying such components of creatively to my own life now could look difficult. Little steps can greatly enhance an Individual creatively day by day. Simple things such as choosing a different route to work, being spontaneous, and trying new entrees at a restaurant can all Nell Improve our creatively I . ‘0 Like to Delves I still display some creativity in my life.

During my earlier years in high school and college Vive produced several products. Products being “final approach to creativity, which refers to the outcome yielded by the creative process” (Robinson-Rigger, 2008, p. 478). Vive incorporated some of the characteristics related to creativity. Such as environment, Vive done a lot of traveling in my high school years and have produced several paintings during that time frame. Producing painting from the memory of these trips and the experiences Vive obtained from them.

Self confidence would be another characteristic Vive obtained with the help of my support systems such as my teachers and buyers of my paintings. Being confident in my product helps to improve my creativity and ability to produce more. Producing paintings with the help from a “burst of creativity’ (Robinson-Rigger, 2008, p. 478). I’m not a Picasso though I’d like to be but producing such a product comes with its sigh periods and low periods. We can’t always embrace our creative sides.