The Holocaust took place 1933-1945 after centuries of substantial anti-semitism. The German loss off World War One was a heavy blow to the pride of citizens, and they needed someone to blame. The Jews, in much of Eastern Europe, were already perceived by the Nazis as evil, money hungry, animals. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party decided to put the troubles of Germany on their shoulders. The rise of the Nazi party was the catalyst to the explosion caused by so many years of unwavering hate towards the Jewish population. The Nazis believed that races had rankings and the Nazis had rights to the land. The Aryan’s had Germany and were at the top of the ranking scale, while the Jews were believed to have no native land, and were THE LOWEST on their ranking scale. The Juden were seen as less than human-closer to cattle, which justified the mass killing in the eyes of the Nazis. made the mass killing of six million justified in Nazi’s eyes. This dehumanization coupled with advanced technology, made the Holocaust the worst genocide to date. They went from one on one killing with the Einsatzgruppen, to the gas chambers where up to two thousand people could be killed at once. one time.   The Rwandan Genocide commenced in 1994, lasting only one hundred days  in the heart of Africa, just south of Uganda. The Hutu majority, and the Tutsi minority had taken turns persecuting one another from the inception of the country. The Hutus however, were the first to begin a Genocide, and attempt to wipe out the entirety of the Tutsi and moderate Hutu population. The Hutu extremists believed that the Tutsis were lesser humans. The Tutsis were often the easy scapegoat for the Hutus. The Tutsis took the blame for everything, from the deteriorating condition of the Rwandan economy, to the political trife that that faced as a nation. This genocide in particular was one of the bloodiest to date, as most the killing was done face to face. Machetes were the weapons of choice, and the Hutus were merciless, hacking and chopping their victims one by one. 90% of the pre genocide Tutsi population were slaughtered, with a total of 800,000 to 1,000,000 total lives lost over the course of the bloody 100 days