The contrast between the Anglo-Saxon heroes and the heroes of today are quite similar In many ways. It seems as though when the heroes of the Anglo-Saxon period were created, they all have some sort of super power over regular people. The same goes with the heroes of our time. They have their extraordinary powers of many over all average people and It seems a though the good ones always finish out on top. Even though the time, the setting, and the style of work may be different, the heroes are all they same.

They are all the same In the sense that the heroes will have their mind set on making what Is bad, good, and what Is wrong, right. The heroes will normally have a super strength over the people, and will normally have a weakness to the “bad guy”. No matter how people look at it, the hero is the star. It seems as though when the hero is of the story is struggling, that is the one that we all watch. The hero will always struggle, normally against the “bad guy”, but in the end the hero is the one on top.

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And yet, the hero makes many mistakes in the process which normally lead to the moral of the story. No matter what the time period is, whether it is Anglo-Saxon, of whether it is the timing of today, the heroes always seem to be alike in many ways. They will always have a super strength, of maybe a super power of some sort, but no matter how it is looked at the hero is always the star and the one that will be the main character of any story. So basically the hero is the one everyone looks up to throughout the whole episode.