involvement of telecommunications technology for improvement of patient care
may basically include sending medical images to a specialist for interpretation,
a live two-way video consultation between a patient and a provider, capturing
and sending data or information from vital sign monitoring devices and
incorporating all of these matters into electronic medical records. The
telemedicine use has become an integrated part of ongoing operations of
emergency rooms, ambulatory care facilities, radiology departments, home health
agencies and private physician offices. Moreover, the federally funded demonstrations
to hospitals have extended their help to patients located in the remote areas.

to innovative & newer developments in telecommunications field, establishment
of internet and lowered technology costs, the telemedicine growth over the next
eight years is anticipated to have a profound and revolutionary effect on the
delivery of medical care throughout the world. Telemedicine mainly refers to
the usage of medical or health information exchanged from one site to another via
electronic communications to improve the patients’ health status. On the other
hand, although telehealth is closely associated with telemedicine, the meaning
for the same encompass a broader definition of remote healthcare that
necessarily does not always involve clinical services.

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such as videoconferencing, still image transmission, e-health including patient
portals, continuing medical education, monitoring of vital signs and nursing
call centers are all considered under telemedicine and telehealth. Telemedicine
mainly incorporates the different types of products and services provided for
the patient. We shall list some points below that would stress on the usage why
telemedicine is used by patients and doctors.

Access: Since many years, telemedicine has been continuously used to bring
healthcare services to patients in distant locations. Not only telemedicine improve
the access to patients but also allows the physicians and health facilities to
expand their reach, beyond their own offices.