This Is becoming a debate amongst religious leaders and law offices more than ever lately. Many argue that this Is Immoral and should not be discussed for fear that women will have power and loose hindsight of home values (Notes). Ms. Ganger had unsuccessfully opened the first women?Ins education center in 1916 and was immediately closed down by the police. After spending 30 days in Jail, she swore that she would not give up. With her efforts women are now receiving the education that they need. Without her efforts, women would be performing back alley abortions.

Many deaths have occurred in young women because they did not have the knowledge about birth control to avoid unwanted and embarrassing situations. The turn of events that helped her cause even more was during World War I many servicemen were being diagnosed with diseases. Servicemen were at such a high rate for venereal diseases that the government now deemed It a public health Issue (Wisped). The need for education was at Its highest to stop the outbreak before It becomes an epidemic. Before attempting to open her first clinic, Ms. Anger traveled o Europe to become more acquainted with the various contraceptives that are available for women. Armed with the knowledge that she felt would help women the most, she set out for her quest. During her effort to start the birth control centers, Ms. Ganger has been fought at every turn. She, herself has seen firsthand the dramatic events that can occur through pregnancy. Without these clinics intact, women will continue to be ignorant to contraception, prevention of pregnancy, and prevention of venereal diseases. Education has to start somewhere. Women are insider the moral guidance on the home front.

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If the education can start there first, the men will usually follow. Back alley and home attempted abortions could be a thing of the past. Lets time for a change and Ms. Ganger Is heading In the right direction. The wealthy In the past have been the only ones to have any knowledge of how to control their pregnancies. This has left the poor and under privilege in the I en Tinny century ten use AT contraception’s was Deanne, out as Leases and pregnancy were at a high that changed rather quickly. The implications that this ill have on society, is that women will have the knowledge and power over their bodies.

Because the birth control clinics are still fairly new, the hospitals are still not much help in education on pregnancy. These clinics are not only for educating women on prevention, but also on pregnancy care. Too many women are having complication and worse yet, dying from those complications because they did not have the knowledge or medical care needed. With the help of people such as Margaret Ganger, the outcome can be quite different. This could mean a change for omen to perhaps enter the workforce after marriage, because their roles would not be Just to stay home and have children.

It could also mean that women will have more of a voice over their own bodies. Too many pregnancies go unwanted and the adoption clinics become full. If women are empowered with the knowledge that they do have a choice, this could prevent overall heartache. This is could also mean that middle and upper class would not be the only ones with the knowledge that has so long been denied to the poor and underprivileged. For two long the upper-class have ad this knowledge and many often wonder why those families were so small when the underprivileged were overcrowded and overpopulated.