The idea appeared uncomplicated to me since the definition of feminism is the conviction that men and women ought to have equal rights and openings. It is the idea of political, financial and social uniformity of the genders. Be that as it may, research and my daily observations have made one thing clear to me: feminism has turned into a disagreeable term and individuals are opting not to distinguish as feminists because the beliefs of such individuals are seen as “forceful”, “against men” and “ugly”.Lamentably, there will always be individuals who detest the term but my message for them is: it isn’t the terminology that is vital, it’s the notion and aspiration behind it. I believe it is right that a woman is paid and regarded the same as her male comparable. I believe it is right that a woman ought to have the capacity to settle on her own choices. I believe it is right that a woman ought to be associated with the arrangements and choices that will influence her life. And I believe it is right that socially, a woman ought to be given an indistinguishable regard from a man. I believe these rights are human rights, yet still, not a single nation on the planet can say that they have accomplished complete gender equality.Unfortunately, men don’t have the benefit of fairness either. Men are made delicate and unconfident by a contorted perfect of what forms male success. We as a society don’t often discuss that men are confined by gender stereotypes, yet all it takes is one close look to see that they also are. If men were to be liberated, things would change for women as a characteristic outcome. If men didn’t feel the need to be belligerent in order to succeed, women wouldn’t feel pressured to be compliant.Every human being should be able to be sensitive without being judged. Every human being should feel free to be strong and independent too. It is time we begin viewing each other as equals and it is time we begin defining each other not by what we are not, but by what we are.Everyone needs to understand this so that women and young girls are never again subject to prejudice and also so that men and boys have the ability to be sensitive and human too. We must reclaim the parts that our society has surrendered over the centuries because gender equality is not a woman’s fight, it is a human fight.In the event that we do nothing, it will take nearly eighty years or almost three generations for a woman to be paid the same as her male counterpart. Almost sixteen-million girls will be married off in the next 17 years as children. And at our current rates, it won’t be until the year 2086 before all young rural African girls can receive a secondary education.It is not enough to simply talk about equality. We must fight for what we believe in. Venture forward, make your presence known and let us fight together.