Troves you start to see a whole new side to him. He really begins to show everyone how intelligent he really is when he started to recite Psalm 23. He has such an imagination as well. While he was building the replica of the top of the church that he could see from his window he talked about how he had to use his Imagination to create the bottom and when he was finally done, it was beautiful. He was always happy, when he was talking to Dry. Troves one day he said ” Don’t worry about me my friend, I am always happy every minute of everyday. He also had a love for the heater and before he passed he got the chance to go and It was such a magical night for him. On the final page of the play, Trove’s asks: ‘Why was he—Merrier—born into such pain? ‘ How would you answer him? What beauty does Troves find In the Elephant Man? I would probably tell Dry. Troves that everything happens for a reason. God put him in this position because he knew he could handle it better than anyone else could. He was goanna make a difference In someone If not many peoples life for the better. If you take the time to get to know him he will teach you more about yourself and bout other people.

He never once was depressed or was hard on himself for what he looked like physically because he knew that there was way more to him then looks. I think the beauty that Troves finds in the elephant man was on a deep level, Troves took him apart piece by piece just like a puzzle. Troves liked John for him, he became a real friend tycoon, and John was so grateful for him. Troves admired John for his ability to always keep his head up through every situation he was put in, from getting physically abused by Mr.. Bytes to being bothered and mentally abused by Sonny John and from society.

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For example while he was at the train station and when 1 OFF en was a “carnie”. A. ) Support the claim made by some critics that the play “The Exhibition” is more about Dry. Troves the Merrier B. ) Which character interest you more? Explain why! I believe some critics claim that the play “The Exhibition” is more about Dry. Troves more than it is about John Merrier because the whole story is not about Merrimack life before Dry. Troves, it’s all about the research that Dry. Troves is doing on why and how he looks the way he does. Yes, it shows how badly taken care of Merrier was by Mr..

Bytes but that’s not the story’s main focus. The stories main focus was if Dry. Troves could help the Elephant Man, which he did not really physically, but mentally. The character the really interests me the most would be of course the Elephant Man. I’m Just as curious as Dry. Troves is on why he looks the way he does. For example did his condition got worse in age or if it was always bad. Although on a much more deeper level I have so much curiosity for his personality. All his life he has been judged, laughed at, beaten and had people scream in his face as if he was a monster UT he still managed to tell Dry.

Troves that every minute of every day he was always happy. He had a huge impact on me because if he can go on living everyday and be happy even under all the depressing circumstances then there’s no reason why anyone else can’t. He could have gave up but he instead he looked at the better things in life and was always hopeful. While watching the movie he even gave me hope as well. What have you gained from this story? Also, how can or will you apply it to your own life? I have gained so much from this story. It really opened my eyes and got me to really hind about the world and its people.

In the story people did not respect the Elephant Man because he looked different physically. At the end of the movie Merrier finally spoke out to the people at the train station and said “l am a human being not an animal” He went all his life not speaking to anyone and I feel like Dry. Troves finally gave him the strength and the confidence for him to say what he said. I also feel that it wasn’t because Dry. Troves gave him a new home, I feel like it was because he actually wanted to get to know him for his character and formed a friendship that

John Merrier never had before. I will apply this story to my life by this saying “never judge a book by its cover. ” That was what everyone did to John Merrier but if they really got to know him and actually took the time to he was so intelligent and kind. He could always look for the good in everything and in everyone. You can’t Judge someone you don’t know and you can’t Judge them because their appearance looks funny to you. Everyone has their own story, and you can only Judge them if you take the time to dig deep into their character.