Crisp copper leaves fall of the trees around me, swaying gently in the wind. I sit on the bench, admiring the red, brown and purple leaves that lay on the dewy grass; creating a sea of fiery colors. Overlapping each other the clouds make the sky a gloomy gray. Gusts of strong wind blow in my face as I look at the picture in my hand which brings back too many memories. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. It was a brisk fall day, the perfect day for an autumn walk.

Clouds scuttled across, the sky making the sun burst as I made my way towards the autumn forest with my friend Ryan and our grandparents. Crisp, Golden leaves lay like a blanket on the forest floor as the startled birds shot from the empty branches like a bullet. Twigs ‘snapped! ‘ and the leaves ‘Crunched! ‘ under my feet as me and him ran to our favorite bench. The sun hung low in the sky, its rays shining through the last few hanging trees, illuminating the auburn, yellow and orange veins that ran through them.

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Enchanting dawn of autumn days so clear; so cool and so calm shared with my best friend Ryan. Ryan my best friend, he was everything to me. We came to this forest every year without fail and spent hours playing; talking; eating; drinking hot hostage; sharing secrets: arguing etc. We did everything together. This bench meant everything to us. When we were together there was not care about the world around us. It was Just me and him. Now.

I sit here alone each and every day praying for him. While he is fighting between life and death. Eve been bleeding In your silence but I hold on like the leaves In fall to what Is left. “All I have now Is the memories and photographs….. L miss him each and every day: every minute; every second of my life” Since you have gone away the days grow long; But I miss you most when the autumn leaves start to fall Just Like the tears I shed.