The tale of the Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson is a story that has the purpose of leaving a message to the reader, the story is about a family that lives with the gGrandfather, the family doesn’t accept him while there eating in the table an he has to go to eat his meal in the corner near the stove. One day they gave him his food in a bowl and he accidently dropped it to the floor, then he was punished by her daughter in law, and she said he will eat in a wooden bowl. Later the parents of mMisha saw her with some wooden pieces and asked her what she was doing, Misha said that she was making a wooden bowl for them when they grew older, because of this actions they did not only realised that they were treating the grandpa incorrectly but that they wouldn’t like such actions happen to them when they grew older, soo they began to cry. Later they let the old man eat with the family in the table and treat him better.  The other story called the tell tale heart is about a guy that lives in a old house with an old person, this character is crazy but tries to convince the reader that he is not mad (even do he tries to convince he is not mad he is because how can someone kill a person just for the look of his eye). He starts treating the old man a little more kinder even do his purpose is to kill him. Every night at 12 pm he goes and checks him to see if he opens his eye to kill him, later in the story that night arrived, he follow his plan, killed him and then chopped his body in pieces. Because of the so hard beating of the heart of the old man and the suspicious of something, the neighbors suspected and called the cops.  The cops arrived and search for suspicious things but find none, the killer told them to rest, the cops did not only rest but continue to talk and they didn’t  stop, these got the killer crazy and he ended telling the truth.  These two stories have things in common, in both of them there is a old person which is not only in the story but is the one that gets mostly affected these character proves the actions taken by the others( For example in the tell tale heart is prove that the guy is mad by the action of killing the old man). Both tales try to leave a message to the reader like in the case of the story of the grandfather the message is that you shouldn’t treat people the way you don’t want them to treat you and also put in there shoes feel what they feel.  Both of these stories have differences, the tell tale heart ends with a tragedy while in the case of the Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson ends with a happy ending. We can see that in the story of the tell tale heart there are moments with suspense while in the story of the grandpa there is no such suspense moment, in the case of the tell tale heart there is a beginning, rising action, climax falling action and end. While in the case of the old grandparent is just trying to send the message with an example.  Both of these tales are related in some aspects, but in others they are different. What we can see from both stories is that one of them is kind of more open to all public including kids, but has the purpose of sending a message to the reader while the other one also sends a message to the reader but has the purpose of making a story that has a beginning, suspense, a problem, end and more so it can be more fun to read.