Many of the tactics that are used are hijackings, bombing assassinations and random killings are acts of terrorism the can be recorded and sent out to the media for the world to see. The fear that terrorists Install among their victims would be defined as a fear that captures the soul and places long term effects. There are so many major factors that play In the role of terrorism. Terrorist groups are used to coerce or Intimidate societies for ideological goals, religion and political gain.

The founder of Islam, Muhammad is stated that many followers are believed the teaching and follow through with the beliefs that were given. During the last years of Muhammad live so many followed and still continue to carry the plans of what is right to get to heaven. The belief that the revelations came from Muhammad come from the book known as the Koran (Quern). This book is the commands as to beliefs, prayer, conduct and matter of law for Muslims. Some Muslims, who base their beliefs in and around the Koran, believe that the receiving rewards in heaven for those who kill an enemy of Allah (God).

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Terrorists motivated by religion have frequently led to acts of violence with higher levels of fatalities than the relatively more targeted incidents of violence perpetrated by many secular (nonreligious) terrorist organizations” Lane, 2008, The logic that has been given to terrorists to create a sense of insecurity, harassment, and uproar among the community has been simply to kill, or massacre a large number of human populations being assassins and terrorists main objective.

These tactics are to achieve aim and give the power of feeling that the concerned rulers show resistance to their demands. Assassins and terrorist of the Middle East or any country, counter their conflicts to provided sufficient the latest technical means to operate lethal devices to overthrown a small towns to arrange of huge populations. Terrorists’ organizations observe and operate in a limited scope of activity. In which the main tools to operate would be in bombings manual, armed attacks killings, suicidal, armed, kidnappings, seize hostages Incidents and high Jacking.

In the years before the attacks, bombing or seizing embassies was a common practice of the terrorists, due to strict security measures terrorists use various tactics for their targets of which are unlimited in the event to change their method of attack, and strategic plans Tort ten next Attacking at anytime, anywhere or anything teen are dictated. In the plot of their chosen targets airline , subways, railways, buses, power lines, gas lines, embassies and diplomats, mosques, school, restaurants, hotels , missionaries, Journalists, women and children are all targets in a the main line of fire.

In the tragic events of 9/1 1, Europe and the United States of America in particular have since become terrified and frightened by the terrorists in the garb of Taliban and Leased. There has been much talk of also clear danger to the release of nuclear power. The geographic factors and the political freedom contribute significantly to causes of terrorism. The challenges that are rooted commonly in the view of terrorism are in poverty, the idea that “when a group is absolutely or relatively deprived they rebel” (Skeet, 2005,).

In my studies of finding information, I found that it is true that countries with higher levels of political freedom or that is transitioning from high to low or low to high levels of political freedom produce conditions more favorable for terrorism. Terrorists and assassins endure the hardships of their dangerous way of life. It is the belief of utopian that inspires the group of trained assassins, to transforms and to feel as if they are heroes in their won eyes. Also those of their peers validate their right to kill themselves and others to show a righteous act and honor Allah.

Terrorism affects both the individual and the community and impairs the sense of security and safety among people and one’s community. Terrorism presents challenges to the race of humans to feel an abnormal. The world has feeling overwhelming pressure to become aware of. Researching these effects showed me that violence creates long-lasting mental health effects and begins a great sense of tragedy or accidents. (Alexander, Y. , & Gleason, J. M. (1981) The down side of both individuals and the community are extended. Survivors often feel that unfairness that has been given to them.

In which leads to rage, fright, defenseless, disappointment, and the greatest desire for revenge. Acting upon rage and revenge can increase the rate of feeling pain, blame and anger. In an example of the 9/11 attacks; there has been a high number of people affected by these acts of terrorism. Many people are directly exposed to terrorist attacks are at top risk for developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (POTS) and are not properly treated for this disorder , in which can lead to years of pain and depression. In the 9/1 1 attacks in America it traumatic event affected so many in such a personal way .

The two main categories in which people are affected are psychological and emotional. Susan Pink’s with the Times Poll asked a series of questions to find out how people were affected by psychological by 9/1 1 . (Susan Pink’s, Times Poll Director). Many people stated that they have experienced stress, in which causes many to have a good night sleep, without thinking of the possibility of what could happen. Many have had counseling to help them get through this crisis. So many people that were personally affected have had the feeling of being overwhelmed to the point of being, sad and depressed. Cause many to be emotionally damaged. There are a number of reasons why terrorists believe to inflict the fear in people is Justified. Many believe that it is of religious beliefs, political or ideological. Assassins and terrorists believe their reasons for killing Innocent people to conclave tenet ultimate goal Is warranted anon Tanat teen wall De rewarded by Allah for their sacrifice and duty. There is a perception that all Muslims believe in terrorism, but this not the case. The decisions that are made by terrorist come from the thought process that was taught to them.

Terrorists carry out their acts to organize functions in the environments of where they organizational details are situation-specific. It is taken as if terrorists must operate in a hostile environment and security is their primary concern. Security is best served by a cellular structure or in a media fashion in which members cannot identify. (Miller, L. (2002). The art of defection is rare in most groups. The organizers of these groups’ defectors or even dissenters are frequently killed. Terrorists do not have a sense of fear or immune to human weaknesses.

Assassins and terrorist are united by a leader, in whom which as no fear and feeds to members of these organizations to produce both problems and opportunities for security forces. Terrorist groups are not supported by the government; usually the support structure comes from people who sympathizes and have been coerced into building strong terrorist groups. These organizations support structure come from active and passive member as well. It furnishes the active terrorists with support, recruiting, money, intelligence, recruiting, and money.

Dissemination of propaganda Among groups that are not ethnic-based, the usual sources of recruits are high school and college students who show commitment to he cause. In the plan of recruitment and training, many are based on different terrorist groups to recruit new members personally known to them or people whose backgrounds are known and who often have family ties to the organization. Organizations recruiting can become very difficult and extremely dangerous in the process of penetrating the organization.

The training that terrorists and assassins receive is normally those with military experience or who have received prolonged training facilities that are away from sites and cannot be found within the area. Most of us as Americans have never encountered an enemy such as this that seems o have no regards or compassion for innocent life. Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere and at any time without any warning. We can prepare ourselves by taking the time out to understand and learn as much as we can in recognizing and reporting suspicious activity. This will be the ways in how to respond if an incident happened to occur.

In American’s history September 1 lath has been marked in the books as one of the most devastating disasters. It was so unexpected and as for the whole world it has become the tragedy in which became unforeseen in this time and date. This attack till continually affected those who are in the World Trade Center, those whom are near and around the Pentagon , New York , Washington and all state they could possibly be effected . The various impacts of the September 1 lath include the fear of flying, stereotyping, a changed in life-style, and the effects or lack of business among the different cultures and races.

In the study of the psychological motivation for terrorism, it has been thought as if this thought process derives from the terrorist’s personal dissatisfaction with his life and goal accomplishments. (2007, Meyers, David G. Exploring Psychology )There is not a clear psychopaths study of why and what is found among terrorists. These acts are something that truly cannot be explain Ana wall take an eternity to plan pools out ten solute truth In ten eye AT terrorists the acts that are carry out they do not even consider that this could be wrong.

Unfortunately terrorists are motivated by evil towards anyone outside their own group. This gives the power to terrorists to feel as if they can euthanize their victims and place a sense of fear into ones minds. This gives terrorist a feeling of purpose and violence to relieve this constant anger. It’s almost as if a drug addict need there fix. Another thought is that psychologically terrorist feel as if they need to belong somewhere or to a group. This acceptance is what motivates individuals within the group. It is a defiance of social status.

Terrorist groups find it necessary to Justify the group’s existence continuously. Both terrorist and assassin must terrorize with strong internal motivations. Acts to commit violence to maintain group self-esteem and legitimacy is at the core on ones thinking. Psychological motivation is core of what drives the pattern of evil with intensity of the roof dynamics These horrific event has changed the lifestyle of people of a daily bases. For example many people evaluate the future struggles of one’s who have deceased.