The short story “Sweet cream”, was written by Julia Kelk in 2003. The
topics in the text is; marriage, friendship and life-experience

This story will take a closer look at the narrator, point of view, the
setting in the story and a characterization about the main character Jenny.

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The narrator is a 3rd person narrator, this is shown by the use
of he/she and It to tell and explain the story and the action.1


The point of view is unlimited because as a reader you are allowed into
the feelings and thoughts, in the different characters in the story. “thinking
back on it, she wanted to tell Fernando about it, but she knew he wouldn’t
understand, would be embarrassed that he couldn’t imagine what a frozen lake
looked like, would look down on her for making him try.”2


Doing the whole story, it takes place in Mexico doing the wintertime at
hotel, were there was a wedding. “It was a winter wedding so the reception was
held indoors. In the old Hotel Central.”3
They are moving around from room to room. One of the big action in the story on
the toilet, where Jenny did not have any more toilet paper back.


The young girl Jenny have studied English in Canada, before that she was
born and raised in Mexico, she is therefore a Mexican. Jenny is the main
character in the story. “Jenny had been away studying English in Canada and had
only recently come home.”4
Jenney had such a great time up in Canada and she miss It the hole time. “She
had been ice-skating up in Canada. She’d been seeing a Canadian boy who was
also at the university.”5
She missed the Canadian boy Ben – she had a little fling with, to speaking
English and she had missed the cold winter too. Since she had got back to
Mexican she had been filled with nostalgia, from the great time in Canada,
“She’d been filled with a deep sense of nostalgia ever since she returned.”6
In Canada it was like a dream for Jenny, she had never had a better time in her
live. To the wedding Jenny, began to start a new relation to an older man
Fernando, Fernando had never left Mexico. But he had still a lot of
life-experience and Jenny loved to talk with him, they just clicked. Through
the hole story Jenney and Fernando had a lot of small-talks, about life and the
experiences they have had both of them. Jenney gets a lot of flashbacks – all
the flashback relates to something Jenny had experienced in Canada.


Jenny have had such a great time doing her study time in Canada, it was
like living the dream for her – but was it really the dream? Or is the dream to
get married? She is still young but the bride in the story in still younger
than her. But is it the true dream for the bride now, to get married in such a
young age, or is the dream for her to have lived the same life as Jenny an
experienced all the many thing she had? This relates to the headline, because
what is the dream? Everyone can have their own personnel dream – yes.
Therefore, will there be one specific dream?


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