The Filipino film “K’na The Dreamweaver” was filmed in 2014 set in a scenic place in South Cotabato, and the film was directed by Ida Anita Del Mundo. The main protagonist is of course the young T’boli girl “K’na”. In the history of the Philippines, weaving is part of its culture and traditions that symbolizes the artistry, creativity, and passion for work of the Filipino people.  

K’na is a gifted young woman who can weave anything that she has  dreamed of. I believe that the film was identical to the typical old fairytale stories, but the difference is that this film did not end happily  like usual fairytales do. In critiquing the film deeply, I have found out that even in the old days people also has these socioeconomic status, and I believe that it is still relevant today. for instance, socioeconomic status were sought inside the film by simply knowing that K’na’s father is the leader of their tribes or the most high and K’na was the princess of course, and subordinate to them were the slaves and soldiers. In that case you can easily find out how marxism takes place to the social status of every character in the film. Another thing is feminism, if you watched the film you would see how patriarchy overpowered. During the old days men were chosen to be the leader of their nation or tribes, because they believe that men possesses great leadership and have the ability and knowledge to rule over an organization, while women serve as  house keeper and their function was to take care of their child and be good wife to their husbands. 
Another thing is that some scenarios in the film shows equity between man and woman’s ability towards work. You can see a woman as a soldier in the film. Futhermore, The tribal feud between the northern and southern part of cotabato changes everything especially K’na’s love story. The girl sacrificed everything to bring peace to her town, and I believe that Silaw’s love for K’na is likewise a dead star.

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 I think that it is hard to choose whether you will stay for your love or not, just for the sake of your town’s freedom. Also K’na’s love story was very unsatisfying, because as a child we always thought that princess stories comprised of happy endings, but in this film it does not. Though K’na has the ability to weave between their warring clans, Kna should not sacrifice her true love. 
I believe that if you truly love someone, you will sacrifice everything to make him or her happy, just like what Silaw did to make K’na smile every single morning she woke up and fill her heart with happiness. They always say that love always win but in this case Silaw’s love for K’na does not take victory. As a part of the audience I learned so much in this film, some say that “do not fall for someone who is not willing to catch you”. It is just a quick representation between the love story of K’na and Silaw. Silaw fell in love too much, that he risked his life for K’na and awaited for her return. Days and years went by and still Silaw kept on waiting for K’na’s return. I think that it is too much. Expecting for someone to return is too much, it is not worth the wait when you find out that she is happy, not because of you but because of someone else.

 Critiquing this kind of film is not easy because it contains lots of information and knowlegde even though it does not interest me a lot, but surely others would love this film. Honestly this film symbolizes and enriches the Filipino culture along with the traditions. The movie was brillianty made and filmed in one of the most enthralling place in the Philippines -Sebu, Mindanao. You would see how fascinating the beauty of mother nature is in its purest form and how landscapes were perfectly made that cultivates the filipino heritage. Perfect lightings and camera works were impressive as it was expected. As for recommendations put or insert subtitles to better understand how scenic and poetic the film is. In rating the movie from 1 out of 10, 8 would be the ratings, I believe that the movie is very unsatisfying in the end