The internship opportunity I had with ICON Business Solutions Pte Ltd was an excellent chance for learning and professional growth. I am also thankful for getting a chance to meet so many brilliant individuals and experts who led me through this internship period.I am expressing my deepest gratitude and special thanks to the Ms Vriddhi Hedge, Sr. Consultant – PreSales, My supervisor. Despite being extremely busy with her duties, took time out to guide and keep me on the correct path and guided me through my internship. I convey my deepest thanks to Mr Ganesh Shanbhag, Consultant- BI for giving necessary bits of advice and guidance. My best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to Ms Sudhi Singh, Senior consultant BI, for guiding me through Qlik View. Thank you to Ms Nirmala Selvaraju, Senior consultant BI, for your great guidance and pieces of advice that encouraged me for my future. Deepest sense of gratitude to Mr Prem Kumar, Senior consultant BI, for the help me with my first ever Qlikview proof of concept. Finally, Thank you to Ms Supriya Rumale, Consultant- BI for helping me through my training phase of the internship. I thank all for their thoughtful guidance which is immensely valuable for my learning both theoretically and practically.I recognize this opportunity as a valuable landmark in my career development. I will aim to apply the skills and knowledge I have picked up. I will continue to work on improving myself to gain an added advantage to my career goals.As part of my Diploma studies on Business Information systems in Republic Polytechnic, I took part in a six-month internship at ICON resources and technologies. ICON resources is a Singapore-based IT Solutions Company. It has many branch offices, the Singapore office mostly provides IT solution for Business intelligence. ICON currently has 6 departments (Sales department, Inside Sales Department, Presales and Development/Delivery Department, Human resources Department and Finance department. The Development and delivery team has 2 teams for Business intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. I worked in the Business intelligence team and the Presales Department. My main duty was to assist in developing an application for Clients which included various tasks depending on the daily activities of my colleagues and the head of the Department. I started my internship by getting training on the Qlik software since it important for the work that my colleagues and I do. Qlik is a powerful data visualisation software. Qlik has 2 version of the software Qlik View and Qlik Sense. I got training in both. I also got training in Qlik Geo Analytics, which is a geographical data visualisation plugin for the Qlik view and Qlik Sense.ICON Resources and Technologies started as an independent distributor and manufacturer of computer peripherals. Then they expanded their company to provide IT solutions and services.  They provide several IT solution such as Business analytics solution (Qlik, Tableau), information Management solution (TimeXtender, HP Vertica, IBM DB2 BLU), Enterprise performance management solution (Jedox, IBM Planning analytics, IBM Cognos Controller), Customer Success Platform (Salesforce) and Enterprise Risk & Project Management Solution (CAMMS RISK, CAMMS PPM). ICON provides services for consulting, implementing and training. They have nearly 20 years of experience working in various industries (Education industry, Finance industry, Government Industry, Retail Industry, Hospitality Industry, Transportation & Logistics industry, manufacturing industry). ICON has office branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and several branches in India selling these IT solutions. ICON Singapore sells Business analytics solution (Qlik) and Enterprise performance management solution (IBM Cognos Controller).I work under Mr Gaurav Bhutani, Senior Practice manager. Ms Virddhi Hedge Senior consultant BI for Pre-Sales is my supervisor. Ms Virddhi helps Sales team. She would introduce how Qlik products will be implemented in their company. She does a sample application with the customer’s data which was given by them and impresses the customer to implement the product for customer excellence. I have also worked with the delivery/development team, under Ms Nirmala and Mr Ganesh consultants BI. Helping them with some research and development work. First, one to two months of my internship, was full of getting to know the Qlik software and training myself using the training course given to me by Ms Virddhi. I was given training course for Qlik view Designer and Developer course. From there I found some of my own course materials that had a step by step guide and data that can be used to practice Qlik View. After some practice, I moved on to learn Qlik Sense. Moving on from Qlik View to Qlik sense was not hard as the backhand coding was that same. But, I had to familiarize myself with the front end creating the data visualisations. After that, I tried practising by making applications using sample data. I then went on to study the Qlik sense Sever and Qlik view server architecture. Qlik Sense and Qlik View Server are the client-server versions of Qlik sense and Qlik View. After, studying all of this I was given the Licenses for me to explore more on the product itself. I explored Qlik geo-analytics in my free time.After, some further practice I was given an opportunity to make a proof of concept for Client (AICA, Chemical manufacturing company). The proof of concept had to be done in Qlik view, must answer requirements of the client with data received. I faced a lot of problems while making the Proof of concept. I first made a data it took about 1-2 weeks for me to make. I had a lot of help from my colleagues. I learnt a lot more about the constraints, the dos and the don’ts during the process of creating the POC.