Summer, a name that had been given to the event, which pulled a multitude of African Americans to vote in the summer of 1964. This was a project set forth by a group of individuals in order to set up freedom Schools, as well as Freedom Houses to aid the black population. Freedom summer came about through a lot of work prior to the actual event occurring. The goals were to integrate the public, in restrooms, restaurants, as well as every part of every day life.

Throughout the novel, the author speaks about the events, which revolved around the Freedom Summer. Speakers went around a multitude of college campuses across the entire country to recruit young individuals to aid in this history-changing event. Thousands of out of state people came to participate in the events. The Freedom summer was located in Mississippi, because there had the least percentage of blacks registered to vote. But this also meant, that in Mississippi, there would be the most violence because blacks register to vote when they re afraid.

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This project lasted ten weeks and killed four people, and arrested and injured thousands of others. In the end, this event was a success, although It did not register many voters. It was a success in the sense that It had a significant effect on the events, which were arising in the Civil Rights Movement. I believe this event was a huge part of the civil rights movement. It Is absolutely incredible to think Just over forty years ago people were being killed because of their kin color and beliefs for equality.

IT amazes me that people would do these horrible things, and even more that blacks had so little rights so recently In the past. I believe these people had a great deal of courage to go stand up for what they thought was right, and for whites to step over the line and say this Is wrong took even more courage, because truly, these Jim Crow laws, even effecting the white people, so Its amazing that they believed so strongly to fight for the African Americans to obtain equality for them.