The reason why people at school have little friends is because this school is deficient of the actions to meet new potential friends. It bothers me that there are still people alone when they walk to class, wait during office hours, and stay silent when listening to a conversation. Before the school year started, sport practices were happening and it was one of the biggest chances to meet new people, but some people’s main sports do not start in the fall or some students do not do any sports at all. This is already a disadvantage to meeting new friends to the people who do not play sports in the fall. I am lucky enough to meet the people in cross country, and some of them are my best friends. Starting the school year with alacrity, I was hoping that I would become friends with everyone, but it was strenuous to do so with little events to introduce one another. Evidently, the school has given the incoming freshmen a few activities to introduce and meet one another, but the kinds of activities that the school had only made students meet a few people while there are still as least 100 students to meet. As a result of these few activities, the students from the lower school stuck together in their friend arrays as if they were afraid to converse with the students from other schools. With the few activities and lack of conversation, some people are easily distinguished as pariahs. Finding friends become harder with the progression of the school year because almost everyone has found their friend group to be with, and it will be awkward to try to join one. Once in a while, I walk by a group of friends, jealous that I want to be in that group, but afraid that I will not fit in and that I will get judged the wrong way with one small conversation mistake. This situation can be stopped with more activities that the school can provide. If this situation continues to not only me, but to other students in the school, the students can be susceptible to a lower self esteem, a bad self evaluation, and depression. These effects can worsen if students have social disabilities. The negative effects of mingling can affect the student academically such as lower grades, less sleep, physical impediments, and feckless actions. The effects can cause the student to remember a bad Sacred Heart high school experience and leave a bad reputation for the school. The school is violating one of the goal’s criterion of the Sacred Heart goals, which states that “the school educates to a critical consciousness that leads its total community to analyze and reflect on the values of society and to act for justice” (Goal III, Criterion I) because the students are not analyzing, reflecting, and acting on the idea that there are people who do not fit into certain groups just because of their physical appearances, personalities, and interests. Switching classes every semester from one period to another is a great way to increase the chances of meeting new potential friends because the new student can find new people to befriend in a class where almost everyone is a new face. An idea that can be made possible is that there is a place where people can meet during lunch to introduce yourself to new people. They can do plenty of activities that can boost their social skills, therefore making it easier for them to make new friends. To deduce, the school should create more opportunities for people to make friends or else the students will have emotional and academic impediments that will hinder their high school experience.