The chapter begins with the Anemone House described as ‘aloof-looking’, as if it were an on-looker, or a stranger, keeping their distance studying people’s lives. It seems as if the house generally knows more than those who actually live in it and the house criticizes those members of the household. ‘Like an old man with rheumy eyes watching children play, seeing only transience in their shrill elation and… ‘ Roy creates a vivid ascription of the house to ‘suck’ the reader Into the novel and really see what It Is like. … The light that slanted through them and fell In patterns on the floor was full of secrets. ‘ The word secret is constantly heard throughout the book so it stands out every time it is read – words like this that are ‘echoed’ in the book tend to relate to themes or subtle but important ideas that someone may not pick up on very easily. Machine is seen sitting ‘in a low wicker chair at a wicker table’ playing a violin as she ponders over her history. Her mind wanders to Margaret Commas and her Olin playing becomes aggressive.

Macho hates Margaret Commas with a passion due to how it did not work between her and Chock. Chock, even though he is Machine’s son, is the source of her adoration towards men, almost like her true lover. Margaret Commas is ‘just another where’ in Machine’s mind. Machine’s attitude towards Margaret Commas is very snobbery but also hypocritical. She has gender issues: she is a victim of male violence (Apache) however a perpetrator of sexual prejudice against her own sex. She loses her femininity and transfers all of ere affection to Chock and accepts his authority.

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For example she Immediately stops playing the violin when Chock demands so. ‘Machine stopped playing and looked in Chaos’s direction’. The characters begin the chapter entering a ‘play’. Roy describes the scene as a play because the characters are putting on a face in order to impress Sophie Mol. ‘… Only the Small Things were said. The Big Things lurked unsaid inside. ‘ Everyone becomes deluded at one point. Their bright acting leads them to believe that life Is truly friendly and cheerful, when the truth Is they are all imply deceiving themselves.

Rarely soon exits the play and goes ‘Off stage’ to play with Evaluate, who has not been caught up in the delusional performance. He is portrayed as a strong, loving and good-looking man and is frequently related to images of sunshine and positivist: ‘sunshine dancing on his body’. Mama admires his body, noticing the ‘ridges of muscle on Evaluates stomach’ and it is soon after that their love becomes mutual, ‘Mama saw that he saw. ‘ However Roy contrasts her loving side by revealing how she attained her rebellious attitude from her brutal holding with Apache.

Coming towards the end of the chapter, ‘Sophie Mol walked out of the Play’ to see Rarely, however ‘the Play went with her. ‘ She sees Rarely squashing ants and suggests to her ‘leave one alive so that it can be lonely’. It is ironic that Sophie Mol, ‘Loved from the Beginning’ would be so cruel. The play continues right until the end of the chapter, even after Rarely leaves and Sophie Mol Is on her own. ‘The Fond Smiles stayed on Sophie Mol, like a spotlight, thinking perhaps, Tanat ten sweet columns were playing do. ‘ n eye_anon-See K, Like sweet columns oaten