The Topic on which i wrote my research
paper is celebrity endorsement, where


dealers  are seeking  any  way
to gain an edge, solidify points of differentiation

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towards the competitors and  maybe,when it works, build a brand and a
business at the


same time.


 Celebrity are people who enjoy public  identification by a large share of a certain


of citizens.
Whereas the features like attractiveness, extraordinary lifestyle or special


skills  are just examples and specific common
characteristics that are observed and


celebrities  generally differ from the social norm and
enjoy a high level  of public


awareness.  The term Celebrity refers to an
independant  who is known to the


general  (actor, sports figure, entertainer, etc.) for
his or her  acquirement in areas other


than that of
the product  class endorsed (Friedman and
Friedman, 1979). Endorsement


is a
communication system of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the   


representative and confirm  the brand’s
claim and position by increasing the


personality, popularity, status in the society or
proficiency  in the field to the brand.
In a

market with a very high growth of  local, regional and international brands,

endorsement was thought to provide a definite discriminate
(Martin Roll, 2006).

Two models were initially 
discover  to explain the process
of celebrity endorsement.

As an endorser, one has to attained  all the FRED objectives (Rajesh Lalwani,

specifically, Familiarity (target market is aware of him,
finds him friendly, likeable and

trustworthy); applicability  (which says that there should be a link
between the endorser

and the product as well between the endorser and the
public ); regard (legitimacy to

the mass); Discrimination  (in all his projections, he is seen to be one
among the

masses, and yet he towers above them. He is different).

Now a days  the
celebrities are being treated as a role model. People are changing

their lifestyle related with their popular celebrity.
This thing brings a great impact on

the buying activities of the persons. This brings the
purchasers  and finally  increases

the company ratio. Celebrities are not always incorporate
any kind of effect on

persons mind in terms of purchase. But mostly it gives a
great slam on conceptuality of

selecting  any
item. We are always planning  that if our
popular celebrity is using them.

Then we should use that to be like them.