When the Internet first entered the scene, it was something that was rather rudimentary. While we were able to communicate and access programs and services, it was hardly the multi-dimensional experience that it is today. Of course, those recognizing the role that the Internet would eventually play in our lives, looked to make their products and services available through an online medium – understanding without a doubt how important it was going to be to have an online “face” for their company.

Today, of course, those businesses that do not have a website are thought to be less than reputable. This change in perception has completely altered the way in which many businesses operate.

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As long as businesses have been online, universities and colleges have offered some semblance of an online degree program – mainly as a supplement to their traditional courses offered on campus. Not surprising, in the beginning of such offerings, these online degree programs were largely brushed off by students as something less reputable than traditional degrees – and therefore something that would be essentially overlooked by prospective employers.

But today, the reality and the perception of online degree programs is that they are offered in addition to on-campus programs; programs that are just as credible as their traditional counterparts. In most cases the same curriculum that is used for traditional courses is used for online degree programs.

Online degree students – once registered – can access all the coursework online, “attend” lectures, communicate with the professor and other students, complete reading, take tests and submit coursework. The online degree program has come into its own – allowing students that do not have the flexibility in their schedule, proximity to campus, or the desire to attend campus classes, the opportunity to earn an online degree.

Just as exciting is the fact that an online degree – just like the traditional degrees we would have driven to campus to achieve – is just as reputable and respected as any other degree.