The second biggest manufacturer of spirits of the United States,
Sazerac Company, acquired an important strategic stake in John Distilleries,
the fifth company of liquors of India and owner of Paul John Single Malt.  The only transaction different from United
Spirits’s acquisition on the part of Diageo in more than 10 years, in the
national industry of the liquor strongly regular and consolidated. The owner of
Sazerac, bought initially a participation of 28 % of the investor of the
private capital Gaja Capital in JDL, with a roadmap of two years to buy the
investor 15 additional %. Gaja, which had 43 % in the company, is selling,
whereas the promoter Paul John would continue being the remaining owner of 57 %.
This Marks a decision to go international and could be an opportunity for Fireball
to succeed in France.


The agreement gives an entry in India to the producer of whiskey of
bourbon and rye, the last potentially big market and in growth for the world
industry of liquors. Sazerac’s arrival indicates that the international
companies of liquors of the average market are gaining value to approach the
glaringly changeable regulations of special taxes of the India and the
wholesale trade and retailer administered by the government in many big states.

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JDL sells 14 million boxes of whiskeys of economic price as Original
Choice y Bangalore Malt in more than 15,000 points of sale in 13 states and
territories of the union. The distiller with headquarters in Bengaluru smashed
on the market premium with Paul John Single Malt’s launch, which also sells in
approximately 30 countries, and Big Banyan. Certainly, the agreement between
Sazerac and JDL coincides with the last edition of revered Whiskey Bible de Jim
Murray, who named the EH Taylor de Sazerac as world whiskey of the year, and
Paul John Single Malt as Asian whiskey of the year.


The president and general manager of Sazerac Company, Mark Brown,
said: ” Sazerac and JDL are family enterprises and both have taken strategic
similar ways, initially developing regional brands(marks) leaders
followed(consecutive) by brands(marks) premium world. We are extraordinarily
thrilled of establishing this association in India “. The president and
president of JDL, Paul John, said: ” Sazerac’s technological experience
together with a global portfolio of brands distributed in all the categories of
liquors they will benefit us on the domestic and international markets “.


It would be in any case the perfect opportunity to take advantage of
the move and take the French market by storm with a new and innovative product.
Such as Fireball.