Nowadays young people experience the increased risk of being injured by HIV/STDs and other sexual activities’ related diseases. The most effective solution of this problem is hidden in human perception and understanding of necessary safety measures. Starting sexually active life comparatively early young people appear undefended in front of serious health risks their behavior is able to involve. African American males between the age of 18 -25 belong to the highest risk group from this point of view, they are diagnosed with AIDS cases twice more frequent than any other racial or ethnical group across the USA.

This statistics played an impulse role for several surveys and researches made in the area. Summary Evaluating the outcomes presented by leading American Universities on the topic HIV/STDs diseases and the condom use habit published by National Medical Association and Aids/STDs Care Magazine gives a practical overview of AIDS epidemic progressing diagnostics and its relation to condoms’ use habit among the youngest respondents belonging to sexually active population, who took part in the survey.

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The both publications are based on qualitative and quantitative research methods, implemented in accordance with Bandura’s social cognitive theory and Prochaska’s Trans Theoretical model. African American males in the age of 18-24 became a target audience for the survey, which results is reflected in discussed articles. Approached respondents were interviewed in the public hang-out places, such as groceries, game or community centers, street corners and other nearby surroundings. In order to attract attention of young African American males a video equipped van with popular youth music playing was running across the streets.

As a provision free condoms were distributed among the attracted audience. Those, who agreed to participate in survey, were asked for additional information to be fulfilled in the 2 copies survey lists, where the standard set of questions was applied. Every participant who was enrolled in the project has received free condoms (he needed to sign the form for that afterwards) and $10 for spent time plus $5 of transport spending compensation. Project’s results were concerned with finding the most problematic cases, which encourage people to use condoms. They include either prevention of HIV/STD diseases or unexpected pregnancy risk.

Journal of National Medical Association with the article African American Males’ Perception of Condom Use provides a well edited and summarized outcome of research held by PhD Stephen B. Kennedy, Sherry Nolen, Jeffrey Applewhite and Elizabeth Waiter, while AIDS Patients Care Journal operating with quite similar goals investigated by wider researchers team including Zhenfeng Pan, Stephan Shamblen and Kenneth Vanderhoff makes the research more specific adding statistical data, surveys analysis metrics, peculiarities of demographic and psychosocial characteristics of 136 young adult urban African American males.