The asset with the highest priority is the administration server. This server handles all the administration needs of the faculty which includes personal and sensitive information. By this we are giving it as critical and secured.

Next one should be student server. This server will provide access to the applications and wireless network access to the students. So, we are giving just below the administration server. If something happened to this server student lost their wireless connectivity and also unable to access the applications thus would be unable to learn.

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Then next asset on the list is desktop computer administration. These computers are used for process sensitive information and some administration information. If once this system fails it will affects the administrators.

And portable computer for principal. He can access all the data of school and also his personal information.

Next one in the list is desktop computers for Faculty. These are used to share the information for students. Once its effected teachers might be lost their lesson plans and cannot update student grades.

The computer lab is also an important asset. Students have personal laptops though; computer lab is a stationary area that any student can use if they don’t have personal laptops.

Computer lab don’t have sensitive information, it’s an integral part to the school. Student needs an efficient and properly setup laptop for learn material assigned to the students.


The assists listed above are valuable and should be protected with measures such as anti-virus, anti-malware software, proper access controls. So, users don’t have permissions to critical and sensitive servers.