Did Main Dada, who became known as the ‘Slaughterer of Uganda’ for his brutal, cruel, murderous rule as President in the asses, Is the most notorious of all Africans dictators. The Last King of Scotland, by Giles Fodder Is a true story set In the asses, about a young Scottish doctor Nicholas Garland. He comes to Uganda to assist In a local hospital; soon he meets President Idle Main who offers him a senior position as his personal advisor.

Main soon shows his true colors and refuses to let Nicholas go home, Nicholas is forced to make crucial decisions that could mean his death if Main finds out. The film version of The Last King of Scotland, was directed by Kevin MacDonald in 2001. In the novel by Giles Fodder, the plot describes the actual struggles and hardships that the character Nicholas Agrarian must face in order to survive in Uganda. Whereas, in the movie directed by Kevin MacDonald, the plot is revised and fails to show the audience the factual story of this mans life.

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The characters of Sara Each and Kay Main are drastically changed from the novel and Kevin Macdonald takes out a ‘Journal’ where Nicholas writes his daily experiences in Uganda, which ultimately result in a change In plot and takes away from the factual Tory of this mans life. In the movie directed by Kevin MacDonald, the role of Sara Each Is extensively changed from the novel. In the novel The Last King of Scotland, Nicholas Garland has an Israeli girlfriend Sara Each who Nicholas bases all his decisions around in the novel.

However in the movie version, Sara Merit is only shown in the beginning in the film as being the wife of a local doctor and not being one bit interested in Nicholas. By Kevin MacDonald switching the roles of Sara Each and Sara Merit, it portrays Nicholas as a selfish man, who goes after married women, which changes owe Nicholas character truly is in the novel. In the novel, the only reason Nicholas accepted the Job and began his Journey as Amine’s personal physician was because of Sara.

Whereas, in the movie Sara was the reason why Nicholas wanted to stay at the local hospital and reject Main. “Everything In Embarrass simply reminded me of Sara. So I was happy to leave,” (Fodder 124). Sara Each was the only person Nicholas fell In love with In the novel, after she was shipped back to Israel, Nicholas constantly thought about her and made his decisions based on her, “l thought of Sara…. The ailing of her long hair brushing across my chest, I wonder what she would think of all of this,” (Fodder 204).

While in the movie, Nicolas fell in love with multiple women, which takes away from his character and fails to show the audience his true personality. Furthermore, by Kevin MacDonald changing the role of Sara Each and Sara Merit, it resulted in showing Nicholas in a different light as being egocentric, which takes away from who he really is. In the movie The Last King of Scotland, there was a major climax when Nicholas had an affair with one of Amine’s wives, Kay Main.

An affair soon lead to Kay becoming pregnant and Nicholas struggling to find a way to get an abortion, so he went to another doctor, Peter Ambassador for aid; Nicholas was aware that If Main found out It would result In both their deaths. Kay Main Is merely mentioned In the beginning of the novel as one of Amine’s wives, “Wife Number One: Mammal… Wife Mender IOW: Kay, a student at Maker multiversity Ana gaunter AT a clergyman,” (Fodder 203). This adds on to the fact that Kevin MacDonald portrays Nicholas as a selfish man who went after married women, by altering the plot.

In doth the media of The Last King of Scotland, Nicholas character is switched with Peter Ambassador. In the novel, Peter Ambassador had an affair with Kay Main and he begged Nicholas for his assistance, “Kay is pregnant and she’s going to have an abortion. I want you to help me perform the operation,” (Fodder 214). Nicholas gave Peter other options like running away, however once Nicholas had seen Says condition he backed out due to it being too dangerous to operate in an unhygienic area without the proper tools, as much as Peter Ambassador pleaded for his help Nicholas could not take the risk.

In the film version, Nicholas got Kay pregnant and went to Peter Ambassador for aid and he rejected Nicholas as well, ‘What other option have you left her, a black women with a white man, what can result with such things,” (MacDonald). By switching the role of Nicholas with Pewter’s in the film, Kevin MacDonald fails to show the viewers the authentic story of this mans life. In the novel The Last King of Scotland, Nicholas kept with him a ‘Journal’ that he bought the very first day he was hired as Amine’s personal physician.

In this Journal he wrote daily entries about his life in Uganda and all the things he witnessed: including Sara, Kay Amine’s abortion and the British Ambassador Stone Perkins confronting Nicholas to drug Main or kill him. Later on in the novel, Main stole his Journal and found out everything that Nicholas was doing behind his back; that was the motive for Main to get rid of all British citizens in Uganda and to chop Kay up into pieces, “[Main] held up the black notebook in which I had been writing my Journal.

I looked up in horror… A new wave of fear surged through me… As he turned the pages, I feverishly ran over in my mind what was in there,” (Fodder 220). However in the film erosion there is no mention of a Journal and Main Just found out about everything from his ‘inside sources’ as an alternative of the Journal, which takes away in the terror Nicholas experienced and what he had to go through. Nicholas used the Journal as an escape way to write all of his feelings down on paper.

Throughout the book and the film Nicholas was constantly approached by the British Ambassador Stone Perkins, who bribes him to drug Main with 50,000 pounds sitting in his bank account back home. Overtime he is approached by Stone in the novel, Nicholas wrote about the pros and cons of drugging Main. At first he refused to do it, but later on in the novel he was frantic to get out of Uganda and that he would do anything, “l could actually kill Main and get away with it.

Who would be better placed? ” (Fodder 231). However in the film version, Nicholas visited Stone at night to inquire what was in it for him. The directors choice of getting rid of the ‘Journal’ from the movie, prevented the audience from seeing how much Nicholas debated over actually following through with it and shows Nicholas as inconsiderate. In the film he Just wanted to drug Main to get something in return, whereas in the novel he was so separate to get out of Uganda that was his only way out.

As indicated previously, the movie directed by Kevin MacDonald had changed the roles of the main characters, lefts out many important episodes of the novel and it failed to show the audience the true story of Nicholas Agrarian. The characters of Sara Each and Kay Main were drastically changed from the novel and Kevin Macdonald took out Anomaly’s ‘Journal,’ all AT tens resulted In a change In plot. By long so, ten plot was drastically changed and the audience was taken away from why the novel was based on a true story.