The most sensitive topic of obesity in America is hardly talked about, millions of Americans are aware of it, yet they still continue to order take out. The drinks and food that we eat as people is disgusting, even if we had the ingredients in front of our faces we make up the excuse of “Everything in moderation.” More than 2 in 3 adults were considered to be overweight or have obesity (NIDDK). It is understandable that we are busy as a nation we are always on the go, but why do companies, and fast food industry take advantage? Or is it that we are too tired and lazy to make food ourselves? The simple truth is that obesity plays many roles from genetics, food choices, and physical activity. It is up to us to make the healthy choices and actively choice fruits over cheeseburgers. Can genetics play a role in Obesity? Sure, but a clear indicator was not found. A research was done with the differences of family members, this showed how variations affected if the person overate, or if the body naturally stored more body fat than normal. Metabolism was also found to see if it was ‘fast or slow’. They came up with the conclusion that while yes, genetics did make a person more obese, it was not always your body’s instruction to make you overweight it is up to the person to stay at a normal weight range. Environmental factors and multiple genes in our chromosomes are too complex to rule out.( Center of Disease Control and Prevention). It has shown time and time again that obesity brings out health complications like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications, furthermore we can avoid these obese related diseases by switching chips to carrot sticks, and encouraging at a young age to get some type of physical activity and make it part of healthier self .( CODCAP) It is vital that we have food as human it is our main energy source, the calories we take in burn and give us the energy to go on with our day ( Reece). The food choices we are given in America is fast food, it is what we prefer instead of making a healthier home cooked meal. It starts to become a problem when we abuse the body of nutritious food. Fast food is the main cause of a rising obesity problem not just the United State but among the world. This fast food is made with high fat, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, saturated fat etc. When we deprive the body of key nutrients it can lead to problems especially in children, the energy imbalance which is the amount of energy taken in, by eating and drinking, and taking the metabolism plus how much exercise we do. When children do not have the sufficient energy it can affect their growth and development (Mandal). We need to show the children smart snacking , and even in school we can contribute a healthier system feed them real food not goop made from an unknown processed meat. The food industry in general take advantage of busy Americans, it is not ok that we make Mcdonald’s Mcdoubles and large Coke for a dollar, yet a water bottle and a small salad is a buck fifty each or more. Food and restaurant corporations are the enemy when they advertise hot juicy steaks, and savory unlimited bread sticks. Then when you do have days when you feel healthy and on a ‘Diet’ the low calorie and ‘Healthy menu’ does not have anything appealing or is just a plain house salad. It is understandable that we are working individuales when we have families it can be hard