Walton was lucky to begin the Journey during the sass and ass, when there was a tremendous surplus of white women working farm labor. These women departed from these positions of meager wages to work for Sam, who at the right place and the right time took (ethical) advantage of them. They were very grateful of his accommodations, along with his tremendous enthusiasm and care for family. A blending of these strategic practices was very successful, as people were perfectly content with whatever wages they received, which leads me to the second strategy.

The company’s core principle of keeping wages in check certainly began early on. Wallow’s luck was sustained by a political shift in the country. The minimum wage which had reached its peak in the mid sass dropped by 113 from the mid sass on. (http:new. Pep. Org/publications/entry/birefringence’s_min_wage_BP/) This is where the boost occurred because it allowed Walter to pay Just at or above minimum wage. And considering its steady decline in the mid ass and ass, it went directly to the company’s bottom line.

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Nevertheless, Walter fostered a steady stream of customers over the years with its method of operation which slashed costs and passed savings on to customers in the form of lower prices. The organization’s goal has always been to bring the lowest prices possible to its customers, but as we know, that goal will never be reached. As one of the most powerful corporations on the planet, Walter had to cope with all of the obstructions that come with it. During the early sass, one of Walters emerging problems that eventually lead to decline was he staggering percentage of customers that stopped shopping at Walter because of negative press.

As many as 8% of them were against their low prices coming at the expense of someone else’s livelihood. Well over 100 unfair labor practice charges have been lodged against Wall-Mart throughout the country, with 43 charges filed In 2002 alone. (http://www. Mindfully. Org/laundry/2004/Wall-Mart-Labor- Record 1 beef. HTML) They had a poor stretch and their public Image was lapsing rapidly. Secondly, on a more logistic level, customers were not particularly happy with heir shopping experience.

The long lines were a problem, and though they had spent considerable time shopping, some consumers wouldn’t hesitate to frustratingly step out of the lines and leave. The stores also had excessive amounts of Inventory. Stores stocked extras on risers, which had to eventually be removed. I feel that Walter only stooped down to Stage 1 of decline, as they were Insulated by their decades of success. In order to thrive and sustain to the highest level of performance, the “new” Walter Is promoting environmentally friendly tactics.

For instance, remains from the manufacturing process that used to be sent to the garage ump Is now Dealing turned Into pellets, wanly are uses to produce Trackers that builders use to strengthen the edge of its buildings. Its rigorous environmentally green campaign has helped them clean up its battered image. For example, advertising t-shirts partly made from recycled coke bottles. Secondly, internationalization prolongs the growth of the new Walter. Go getters like International CEO Doug McMillan is spearheading this effort with his commitment to

China’s market. Beijing is an important market for Wall-Mart in the future, in both an economic and political center. McMillan said it might even exceed the 4,200 locations in the U. S. Finally, they have an unquenchable desire to expand domestically. Just when it seemed there weren’t any more economically feasible sites to build, the unmarked vans continue on roads less traveled in pursuit of more, new Walter locations. “I have neither given nor received nor tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid. ”