The Department of Mental Health uses a functional organizational chart because the hierarchy of authority is clearly defined and the functions of the various departments clearly outlined. Also the communication channels and information flow is well stipulated. This makes the running of the organization very transparent and shows a clear hierarchy of authority which enhances the efficiency of the organization. The DMH is headed by the Director and the Chief Deputy Director who are appointed by the Governor.

There are various support functions which are mostly policy formulation and implementation and others for planning and control. Policy functions are such as the human rights which ensure that laws and regulations laid down by the state are followed when dealing with the patients such as right to privacy, dignity and human care. In short the support function sets to bridge the gap between the state and the implementation levels by constantly updating the new laws and regulations and ensuring their implementation. It also comes up with new policies, plans and controls that may help the DMH run more efficiently and effectively.

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The DMH programs comprise of Program Compliance which mainly deals with compliance with the state laid down rules and regulations in all facilities that are run or affiliated with the DMH . There is also the Systems Care which deals with operations of the counties and the and the different care policies available for example the child and family policy. Also it compiles appraisals and evaluations on performance which are submitted to the support function. The Long term care program is for long term goals such as the rehabilitation of sex offenders or the long term goals of the hospital operations.

Then there is the Administrative Services for such as accounting, budgeting, personnel it handles the administrative roles at the different levels which help run the organization. The last is the Information Technology which ensures its application at the headquarters and in the county level and availability of the infrastructure. In this type of model information flow is both ways because the policies are formulated by the support functions and passed down to the programs and then the programs report on the efficiency and the practicability of their implementation so as support can modify or report to the federal government.

Also the disbursement of funds from the federal government through the Director to the counties and the accountability from the counties to the director. The model is good because although the major policies are made at the Directors level, the implementation and follow up is left to lower levels of administration thus encouraging delegation of authority and accountability from all levels without compromising the hierarchy of authority and the flow of information which are vital in the running of any organization.

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