There Is a motif that carries on through the entirety of the play and this Is one of a devil and angel, the black devil being Othello and the white angel being Desman. Othello not only is an outsider due to the fact of the pigmentation of his skin, but also because he is enthralled in Sago’s evil plan, Othello casts himself away from all that he loves because of Sago’s cunning, wit and evil ways. Dramatic irony plays a big role in Othello, one such example is Ago being constantly referred to as honest, good and true” and this only extends the proof that Othello Is an outsider as he himself believes this.

Othello puts himself In such a position as to becoming an outsider because as the audience moves further along in the play we start to see that Othello actually rejects society as he suspects his wife having an affair with Cassis, “But there, where I have garnered up my heart; Where either I must live, or bear no life;” This basically means that he has put the value of his life in the faith of his wife.

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Othello is an outsider because he is engrossed in Sago’s evil plan and that he separates himself from society because he preaches false accusations. Desman Is very much an obvious outsider In Othello, she Is a loyal, caring, loving and faithful wife to Othello and as the play progresses and Sago’s plan becomes more prominent the audience sees that Desman becomes quite detached from the rest of the characters. “This is a subtle where; A closet lock and key of villainous secrets;

And yet she’ll kneel and pray;” This statement indicates that Othello is aware that Desman Is having an affair with Cassis but this Is ironic as she ‘kneels to pray. Lagos tells Othello that Desman has been unfaithful and that she Is cheating on him with Cassis, this in turn, Ago suggest to Desman that she should try and talk Cassis up to Othello, put the two plans together and you have an evil but ingenious plan that leads to Adhesion’s alienation.

Desman is oblivious to Sago’s plan which is one form of outsider behavior but she is also unaware that Othello is keeping close watch and taking Into account everything she does, this too proves that Desman Is an outsider because plans and studies are going on behind her back that she does not know or even suspect, she doesn’t understand the society she lives in. This notion that Desman is unaware of what is going on is heightened as the play starts to climax, when Othello asks her to look at his face so he can look at her eyes, then asks her what she is.

Desman responds in confusion with M)our wife, my lord; your true; And loyal wife. ” This shows how alienated she really is, she has no knowledge, nor any idea of what is going on behind her back. Therefore, Desman Is an outs layer Decease seen Is knolling AT want goes on Deanna near Deck Ana because she doesn’t understand the society in which she lives. Ago is the reason behind all of these characters becoming outsiders, he devised a plan that would ultimately separate the society he lived in so much so that it would come folding on him.