The first article the writer use the negative examples to discussion should student have part time job, but in the second paragraph of the article the writer use put forward for example is positive, these two articles has different point of view to tell reader make students have part time Job, are the right way for the student education . Len the first article the writer mentioned a few examples for the students whose has part time Job. Because those students have work neglected their studies which affect the student’s own interests.

Therefore, In this article felt the writer do not agree students have a part time Job, because It would not good for young people In school education. In fact be able to master all aspects of a good student Is very small, so I am Inclined to agree with the Idea of first author of the article not agree the students looking for Jobs. In the second article the writer use a very positive attitude to look at the students while have part time Job. The article cited a few successful examples, one of the college students he can get good grade on school also to participate in after-school activities.

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Although there are many students because their family was poor have to work while earning tuition. But if there is no problem in these regard well-off families I think the students have to concentrate in class. And think of the future what kind of development is best for them, this is my personal thoughts. Everyone has a different to such ideas. When the teenagers want to have part time job, the most important thing is with family to discuss their own can they really do good for school and work.