The new government will be a confederacy. This will express the different population’s views, while still being loosely tied to gather. This form of government will be the most beneficial for the community because the sectors need to work together, but this will allow better representation for them all. There will also be a republic authorization. Sectors will be assigned representatives and these representatives will ask sectors what the problems are and come together to find a solution. The representatives will ensure that their rights aren’t being infringed upon by consulting with the sheriff. In order to enforce laws, ten males in each sector who are twenty-five or older and has had militia experience will be appointed as sheriff and will have weaponry, such as bow and arrows, machetes, muskets. If a crime is committed, the accuser will be taken to trial where the punishment will be determined by the representatives, acting as a jury. It is important that very few people have authority, in fear that the government will be attempted to be overthrown. At trial, the culprit’s punishment will be decided based on the severity of the crime. Penalties include, but are not limited to, expulsion from the community and execution by hanging. Treason is a malicious crime that will not be tolerated. Any offender will be subject to eviction from the community into the wilderness. In order to defend the communities from danger, a third of the male population of the ages seventeen through forty will be drafted into the militia. A portion of these men will protect the borders of the community to rid any intruder of entrance and to warn the community if there is an oncoming ambush. The remainder of the male population starting at age nine will be selected for hunting responsibilities. Younger children, from age five to eight, will prepare the food, with the help of young women ages nine to fifteen. Young women ages sixteen to twenty-five will work as blacksmiths, creating weapons for the militia and sheriffs. Women ages twenty-six to sixty will work as seamstresses, creating clothes for everyone with the excess material from the slaughtered animals. The method of financing the government will result to barter methods. Upon request, the women will deliver the clothes and weaponry to the other communities, with the guidance of armed sheriffs to protect them. Another service that may be bartered can be the community doctors. If another community is in need of a doctor, they must trade an item that can be useful, which can be food, clothes, and/or weapons. The following consists of reserved rights given to the people: