A Positive Correlation in life lessons My selection for Response, out of all the reading that could be chosen, I chose the short story Ironing by Smeared Santiago. Inside this story Santiago talks about herself being the main character. She states in the beginning her mother being over loaded with Raymond doctor visits and medication refills, while unloading on their personal funds. Leading to her mother having to locate other sources of employment. These ranging from Cooking for their landlord, I assumed to pay for rent. All the way o doing the laundry/lording for a laundry mat down the road, where her mother worked.

One of the many things her mother need to do to fulfill her laundry requests was ironing. As stated by Santiago “Of all the things in the world Miami had to do this was her least favorite. She liked cooking, sewing, mopping, and even dusting. But she always complained about how much she hated Ironing. ” Coincidently Santiago learns to loves Ironing, but also realizes that this Is a bonding moment between here and her mother. In amazement her mother taught her all the proper steps for ironing room how hot the iron needs to be for both cotton and linen all the way to how much moisture needed to get Just the right amount of steam to rise.

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Through all these teachings and complicated instructions there is one thing that Santiago begins to notice how happy her mother is. She realizes that she is bonding and spending time with her mother. She then makes the connection, when she wants to feel close to her “Mall” all she has to do Is Iron out her laundry. During this reading. I made a few strong connections, all dealing with individual concepts on how I was raised and bonded with my father. I first connected to this story when it brought up memories of my own father teaching me how to work on general diagnostics to specific problems in a vehicle.

He made sure I knew the responsibility of owning my own vehicle, and the consequences of negligent care for it. As I was growing up he would show me what he knew about engines, transmissions, and all other key aspects that come with a vehicle. From these Informational lessons I learned and experienced a lot, such as basic and advance care for engines, removal process of these key components, and the repair and insertion process. But Just one specific memory that is keyed off, is when my dad was showing me for the first time the process of removing the transmission from my 96′ Ford Bronco.

This was a hard and existential like procedure. Just as Santiago mother did, He would go and explain step by step the process going Into detail from the basic anatomy of the truck to actually removing the tyranny. Making sure I did not hurt myself or the transmission in both removal and application. Having this bonding and knowledge sharing moment with him resembled a lot of same characteristics as the short story. I now do regular auto mechanic work on not only my vehicle but friends and relatives acquiring experience, all would not have been possible without my dad.

The next connection I made from ten snort story was when Santiago was at sun a young age Ana surpasses near mother with wanting to learn the process of ironing, she then finds out that she really likes to do this. When Smeared shows her personal independents and initiative in ironing, is what made her mother happy and even more surprised all at the same time. In relation, When I was small I would tell my father that I wanted to do so much n the world. I wanted to accomplish everything and anything, but I wouldn’t show any initiative in those things.

So on the day that my dad started to teach me about engines, it also came to surprise him that I liked to work on engines, and I loved to do I like to do mechanic work, when I was happy, my father was happy. My last and final connection, came from the first ideal introduced into the reading. It involved the idea of them being in a predicament of trying to take care of a loved one, but also having priorities to obtain funds to support their own day to day lives.

When it comes to supporting a loved one that can no longer support themselves, this becomes a long and tedious process which involves a very high flexible schedule to balance out the high motion of personal attention needed. There is a lot of factors that I personally have experienced when having to deal with care for an aged loved one. It involves not only the cost of transportation to the doctor visits or medication refill, which fuel is needed. Then add the cost of the bills and medications that alone can put a man into debt for the rest of his life.

In most cases it is not Just a straight trip to the doctor or pharmacy, but they also want to stop for personal items they need that again takes away from personal sustaining funds and personal free time. With all bases covered you alone are not living one life, but part of the life of who you are taking care of. Not only their experience but also both of your financial state, all this could and will lead to overwhelming bills. But to tie all this into my life it all started this past year when I was living in Vandals, Arizona starting my life and living on my own.

When my other, even though she did not personally tell me she was struggling with my aunts medical related situations, I knew she was by the tone of her voice when the subject came up. It was after a whole year of living in Arizona that she had asked me to move back to New Mexico in order to help around the house and with my aunt. So, after a long conversation and emotions tossed into the air, I gave up school and basically starting my life, in order to help my family. But without that choice, I would not be here today writing this paper for this class at this set time in space and history.

In summary, the short story itself was a great story, and I personally loved it reason being is that it can be tied into a lot of different situations that I feel a lot of younger population can make a deep connection to this reading. Covering all aspects of family related problems, from bonding moments with your primary caregiver to helping around the house. I feel personally that this piece reflects a lot of my life and its major experiences that have happen to myself. In return my actions have put me in the position I am in, and made me the man I am today.