I would not say that literacy has been distorted In more good than bad or more bad than good. Both ends of the spectrum have benefits such as good being more accessible information quicker, but bad by people not giving books and written material the respect it deserves. I was raised In the middle of this situation, almost comparable to Amy Tan in The Language of Discretion were she says “To this day, I wonder which parts of my behavior were shaped by Chinese, which by I grew up reading many many books and still sit down to read a good book once and awhile.

Growing up with the books, I knew how to use dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, phone books and all the other fancy texts Like almanacs; where as today if I asked a kid to look me up the number for a restaurant he would whip out his phone and look even If a phone book was right in front of him. If I were presented with a decision between using a written source or technological source I would be torn as to a decision because I have so much respect for writers and what they have written. When one reads from a book they feel the emotion and thoughts put Into It. Ere as an online source Is Just blank with little or no presence like that from books. I believe the ability to visually read and understand written language has diminished, but not without the upping of heightened learning from a more technological base. While the admonishment of reading written language goes on, there are also positive effects such as information being found much quicker at the touch of a few buttons. This can be major beneficial by increasing the small amounts of time human beings actually have to enjoy by simplifying the process to look up something,

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The whole ability of technology Is utterly UN graspable for a normal everyday person, but the brilliant people who figure these types of things out are working hard to 1 OFF Intertwine technology Walt everyday Tie even more than It already Is. Say a Treat accident were to happen such as someone getting injured and everyone around didn’t know how to help, if one were so inclined they could use their phone to look up how to treat that injury. But the comprehension of what they are trying to decipher to help the victim varies on their knowledge of literature or terminology they are looking up.

In today’s world, over 50% of people know how to use a computer with only 25% of computers owned being in the US (Computer Industry Almanac), and over 60% of Americans have access to a computer daily (Wick Answers). Computers have become a part of very many people’s lives and if they were to lose that part of their life, they would basically be lost. Becoming so used to their ability of using that technology they could forget how it used to be, when we all read books and wrote papers by hand. This is a major downfall in literacy I believe because so many people are dependent on technology to help them.

There needs to be a balance between technology and actual knowledge of the past because the past is what got us to where we are. All of the motivated individuals that started from scratch, such as a quill with some ink and parchment or more recently a pen and a piece of paper.. That is what I think of as literature. A written piece of knowledge that you can hold in your hand. And people need to be able to understand this literature because it is so important in how we live today. If it was not for that then we wouldn’t be here with this type of literature.

I do understand owe books and essays and Journals are all being stored safely by certain organizations or libraries and the book is then being written onto a website or typed into a database if the book were to be destroyed; but if we continue on with such progression of major technology based readings and writings, the past and the literature we forgotten and left behind with the new age creeping in. Like the slogan for the New York Fire and Police Departments after 9/11 we should “Never Forget” what literature is and was because today’s definition of literacy might be dust in the wind tomorrow…